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08:59 <@OgMaciel> There are no topics in the agenda for today, so we'll just shoot from the hip today
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09:00 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: well you have a board meeting not so long ago. Anything interesting about it?
09:00  * OgMaciel welcomes afranke BLUG_Fred calvaris pockeylam sri timj and the members from the Foundation
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09:01 < timj> OgMaciel: any news on getting a new foundation lead?
09:01 <@OgMaciel> yippi: what would you say were the highlights from our last meeting?
09:01 <@OgMaciel> timj: yes
09:01  * afranke waves at everyone
09:02 <@OgMaciel> timj: Here's the official response:
09:02 <@OgMaciel> We've received quite a few applications and we would like to thank those who submitted them. The work of the search committee continues, and the Gnome Foundation will make a formal announcement when a new ED is selected.
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09:03 <@OgMaciel> timj: suffice to say that we're busy interviewing our candidates
09:04 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: there have been some discussions about hackfests too
09:04 <@OgMaciel> yippi: around?
09:04 < yippi> OgMaciel, yes I'm here.
09:04 <@OgMaciel> yippi: what would you say were the highlights from our last meeting?
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09:05 < timj> OgMaciel: great, thanks. How much is "quite a number"?
09:05 < andreasn> we discussed the event box status a bit
09:06 < yippi> well, we talked about acquiring the gnome3 domain, an ED search committee update, GNOME 3 fallback mode, GNOME 3 launch event goodies, Fred's distro survey, updating GNOME website about upcoming events, and a FoG update.
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09:06 <@OgMaciel> timj: I'm afraid that information is confidential at this point :)
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09:06 < yippi> I thought the GNOME 3 fallback mode was a highlight.
09:07 < BLUG_Fred> i can give an update on what's left to do if someone is interested?
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09:07 < yippi> perhaps it is time for another FoG update?
09:07 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: sounds like a plan
09:07 <@OgMaciel> yippi: I can do that following BLUG_Fred 
09:07 < timj> ;)
09:07 < yippi> BLUG_Fred, yes you've been quite busy helping in a lot of ways, so an update from you would be great.
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09:07 < yippi> stormy is also here, perhaps we can get an update from her about how cool her new job is.
09:08 < BLUG_Fred> ok. so everyone has replied so far except Canonical. Someone contacted me to help to push internally 
09:08 < yippi> I think another Desktop Summit update might be in order, andreasn
09:08 < andreasn> yippi, yep!
09:08 < BLUG_Fred> i'll send a reminder by the end of the week and/or contact the helper
09:08 < yippi> if bastien arrives, an update on mobile might be cool.
09:09 <@OgMaciel> Bastien will join us soon
09:09 < yippi> when you say everyone replied, who is everyone?
09:09 < BLUG_Fred> so since we have most initial responses, the plan is to try to make an initial chart with the result, present them in a concise way and try to draw conclusions
09:09 < yippi> i assume this is the distro survey
09:09 < BLUG_Fred> the 'report' should be somewhere on the wiki, and the conclusions will be discussed on the distributor mailing list
09:10 < yippi> BLUG_Fred, perhaps we could see if we could make arrangements to get the people who filled out the survey (or employees they recommend) to come together at the GNOME.Asia hackfest to discuss how to improve collaboration
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09:10 < BLUG_Fred> and the time frame I'd say (assuming we wait for Canonical) is 2-3 weeks
09:10 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: I must say that you're doing an awesome job :)
09:10 < yippi> if we have the release team there, then this could provide them an opportunity to have some real discussions about how to make things happen, I'd think.
09:10 < BLUG_Fred> yippi: yes the distro survey..
09:10 < BLUG_Fred> everyone is the distro we initially selected
09:10 < BLUG_Fred> oops red hat also didn't answer
09:10 < vuntz> (hi! I'm late, sorry)
09:10 < yippi> I think we should try to use the survey to encourage people to come to GNOME.Asia and to try to focus some activities of special interest to distros
09:11 < andreasn> hello vuntz! I saw you on the Internet yesterday
09:11 < BLUG_Fred> novell, Oracle, debian, opensuse, replied
09:11 < yippi> which may involve a bit more discussion with them to find out what sorts of activities they would find of value
09:11 < BLUG_Fred> and i'm waiting for Red Hat & canonical
09:11 < yippi> can we also reach out to OLPC?
09:11 < BLUG_Fred> though we have exchanged emails, it's just that it's probably not a high priority i suppose
09:11 < emily> hi vuntz
09:11 < BLUG_Fred> i'm writing that from the top of my head.
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09:12 < BLUG_Fred> the discussion has already been moved to the distro mailing list
09:12 < yippi> I think OLPC perspective would be useful, since they are quite a bit different than other distros that The GNOME Foundation has relationships with.
09:12 < BLUG_Fred> and vincent has made a nice blog post also to start a public debate/thinking
09:12 < BLUG_Fred> which is nice to see the effort being echo'ed
09:12 < yippi> thanks vuntz
09:13 < BLUG_Fred> yippi: yes, i can ask them to join, definitely
09:14 < stormy> Is OLPC more like a distro or more like companies that use GNOME technologies that aren't distros?
09:14  * vuntz isn't sure of what he did but surely welcomes thanks ;-)
09:14 < BLUG_Fred> yippi: when you say OLPC you mean the hardware part or the sugar part?
09:14 < yippi> i can provide you with contacts at both OLPC and Sugar who might respond to you.
09:14 < BLUG_Fred> vuntz: i told them.. sorry
09:15 < BLUG_Fred> ;-)
09:15 < yippi> might also be good to ask a more mobile focused company like Nokia
09:15 < BLUG_Fred> yippi: great. Please. I'll definitely follow up
09:15 < yippi> especially considering they are funding some exciting GNOME projects right now.
09:15 < yippi> stormy, yes, exactly, I was just thinking it would be useful to get some perspective from such companies that use GNOME Technologies
09:16 < yippi> as opposed to delivering "GNOME".
09:16 < BLUG_Fred> yippi: i only know Qt guys @ Nokia, so I will also need contacts
09:16 < yippi> I think there would be a lot of value in getting GNOME partners to work better together, and there is a big divide between these two types of GNOME users.
09:16 < stormy> BLUG_Fred, you could start with the adboard members
09:16 < yippi> i think stormy and bastien have Nokia contacts.
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09:17 < BLUG_Fred> sorry i'm lagging...  
09:17 <@OgMaciel> Should we switch to talking about FoG updates?
09:18 < BLUG_Fred> weird I'm missing messages. 
09:18 < BLUG_Fred> well thanks I will follow up with both of you then
09:19 <@OgMaciel> FoG Updates
09:19 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: sure
09:19 <@OgMaciel> so ever since we started the new end of year campaign, we have gotten 30 new subscriptions
09:20 <@OgMaciel> a subscription is a recurring payment, not to be confused with the one off donations
09:20 < andreasn> if we can offer the t-shirts in S as well, I think we can get one more ;)
09:20 < zana> andreasn: i have some in S
09:20 <@OgMaciel> I have been keeping tabs of the new subscriptions as well as sending out LWN subscription codes for those who choose to use this new perk
09:20 < BLUG_Fred> to follow up with last meeting question and to confirm with stormy, the yearly option is recurring. So everything was implemented as planned
09:20 < vuntz> OgMaciel: does that include also the annual subscription?
09:20 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: yes
09:20 < andreasn> zana, ah, it's just the form that's broken? I'll fix it.
09:20 < vuntz> OgMaciel: (ie, paying $100)
09:21 <@OgMaciel> vuntz: correct... annual and monthly
09:21 <@OgMaciel> zana is taking care of shipping the gifts
09:21 <@OgMaciel> one thing that needs to be discussed is about our next campaign
09:22 <@OgMaciel> something more specific, but that is probably something for the marketing list?
09:22 <@OgMaciel> zana: what can you tell us about the CMS implementation to help us track subscriptions?
09:23 < zana> hasn't happened yet
09:23 < zana> i need to ping  the people again
09:23 < yippi> i'm confused about the campaign schedule.
09:23 < yippi> didn't we miss a campaign due to the website taking so long to get updated?
09:23 <@OgMaciel> yippi: yes, something that I will bring up to the marketing list
09:24 < pockeylam> we should also do more marketing and advertising for the subscription campaign
09:24 < yippi> what do people think?  Should we push back the schedule or switch around what campaigns we are planning?
09:24 <@OgMaciel> yippi: not really... the end of year campaign started on time, even though the web site was missing the ruler
09:25 < yippi> oh, i see.
09:25 < andreasn> is there a time limit on how long the campaign will be running, or is it until the goal is met?
09:25 < yippi> I don't think it's been discussed in such detail before.
09:25 <@OgMaciel> andreasn: the end of year campaign should be over with but since we don't currently have a campaign, I decided to keep it going
09:25 < yippi> We could try to decide now?
09:25 <@OgMaciel> yippi: we can start discusing it now for sure
09:26 < yippi> what campaigns need to be run?
09:26 < BLUG_Fred> actually are there any IRC marketing meetings?
09:26 < yippi> or, rather, what have been propsed?
09:26 < pockeylam> 30 out of 400, we need to work harder on the campaign, no? 
09:26 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: not that I know...
09:26 <@OgMaciel> pockeylam: yes
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09:27 < stormy> BLUG_Fred, we had one or two IRC marketing meetings
09:27 < stormy> a long time ago ...
09:27 < pockeylam> OgMaciel, should we contact press , magazines... and get some free advertising? 
09:27 < yippi> well, things got out of wack because it ended up taking longer to update the website than we anticipated when the campaign idea started
09:27 < stormy> pockeylam, there are several technical magazines will to help us advertise
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09:27 < pockeylam> OgMaciel, or run a referral program ;-) ask encourage every foundation member to join or refer one person to join? 
09:28 <@OgMaciel> pockeylam: that was a task that unfortunately Joey never got around to complete, but yes
09:28 < stormy> (willing)
09:28 < pockeylam> stormy, excellent :) 
09:28 < stormy> Except our target is users, not contributors.
09:28 < pockeylam> stormy, it will definitely help, when will it publish?
09:28 < yippi> so, do we extend the campaign so it can be more successful?
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09:28 < stormy> There is no plan ...
09:28 < stormy> they just offered
09:28 < stormy> we need ads and so on
09:28 <@OgMaciel> yippi: I need to step out for 5 for a meeting, mind taking the lead?
09:28 < pockeylam> stormy, yeah, so we can ask our contributors to find users to subscribe ?
09:29 < yippi> stormy, do you still have all of our media contacts?
09:29 < stormy> pockeylam, I think you will find it hard to get people to ask other people for money ...
09:29 < yippi> like Linux magazine folks?
09:29 < pockeylam> stormy, what's the size of the ad, we can work on the ad now
09:29 < stormy> yippi, yes, I have some.
09:29 < stormy> Zonker also has some.
09:29 < yippi> stormy, could you provide that information to emily?
09:29 < BLUG_Fred> I suggested a while back to put up some slides to present FOG and what is achieved, how it's helping GNOME. to which Paul said we have the slides already
09:29 < stormy> pockeylam, we would need to contact the magazine folks that offered.
09:29 < yippi> i think she'll need it with plans to manage GNOME 3 launch events.
09:29 < BLUG_Fred> i never found those slides.. I think they were no made yet
09:30 < stormy> yippi, yes. (And they were my personal contacts so treat them nicely. :)
09:30 < yippi> by the way, RMS sent me an email recently.
09:30 < BLUG_Fred> but building content to help any user group to promote GNOME could help also
09:30 < yippi> stormy, of course
09:30 < yippi> please cc: me if you don't mind
09:30 < stormy> ok
09:30 < pockeylam> stormy, don't worry, you know i m very nice :-) 
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09:30 < emily> stormy, thanks, we will keep it nicely 
09:31 < stormy> I trust you all! I just don't want it turned into a list without telling them.
09:31 < stormy> (FYI, several press suggested having a list to notify press. I guess KDE has one.)
09:31 < yippi> he still wonders if we have contact information for Neelie Kroes.
09:31 < pockeylam> stormy, good idea
09:31 < yippi> stormy, did you ever make sure that Neelie was told that she needs to think more about free software?
09:32 < stormy> yippi, no, I didn't think that was a good idea
09:32 < yippi> if you didn't, is it possible for us to let her know that RMS would like her to think about it?
09:32 < yippi> how come?
09:32 < stormy> I think that would not be a wise thing to do
09:32 < stormy> She's willing to help us out now
09:32 < yippi> at any rate, should we get her contact information for being involved with the Desktop Summit?
09:32 < stormy> Going back and telling her she's thinking about it wrong is rather rude.
09:33 < stormy> I'm sure the Hague guys have it.
09:33 < yippi> why would we need to spin it that way?  RMS already told us we can communicate the message as we think it should be.
09:33 < yippi> so, just passing the word that RMS thinks free software is cool and worth thinking more about would probably suffice
09:34 < yippi> i wouldn't think we should need to make her feel that her thinking is wrong.
09:34 < stormy> And why would we do that?
09:34 < stormy> If we communicate with her at all, it should be to say thank you.
09:34 < yippi> well, shouldn't we get in contact with her anyway to see if we can get government more involved with the Desktop Summit.
09:34 < stormy> Not to try to tell her something.
09:35 < yippi> If we have the opportunity to do something together again this year, then perhaps we might have an opportunity to promote free software in a non-rude way while we discuss possible future plans.
09:35 < yippi> so you think I should contact The Hague organizers and see if I can get Neelie's contact?  I was hoping you might have it.
09:36 < stormy> I don't have it.
09:36 < yippi> ok
09:36  * OgMaciel is back
09:36 < yippi> sure, maybe we won't say anything.  saying "Thank You" as you say, is the most improtant thing to communicate
09:36 <@OgMaciel> so I will ping marketing about campaign plans and maybe an irc meeting
09:37 < yippi> the point of RMS's message, I think, is more that we should be a bit more active about trying to ensure that we promote free software at events better, which is a good take away
09:37 <@OgMaciel> andreasn: mind giving us an update on the Desktop Summit?
09:37 < andreasn> OgMaciel, sure.
09:37 < andreasn> so, things are mostly going to track with Desktop Summit
09:38 < andreasn> most action is happening on the mailing list, but a couple of us are meeting on Friday at FOSDEM
09:38 < stormy> yippi, I think we should promote GNOME and being free software is part of that
09:38 < andreasn> _the_ friday before FOSDEM I mean :)
09:38 < jclinton> (i think the entire marketing team is here so we could revisit that at the end)
09:39 <@OgMaciel> jclinton: cool
09:39 < andreasn> the desktop summit website update so you can register for the event is currently blocking on me and some other people
09:39 <@OgMaciel> does anyone have any questions for andreasn ?
09:40 < andreasn> design and merchandise needs to be done, and we might have a volunteer, Nuno, who can help with that
09:41 <@OgMaciel> cool!
09:41 <@OgMaciel> pockeylam: maybe an update on GNOME.Asia?
09:41 < andreasn> I am happy this volunteer is not me as well :)
09:41 <@OgMaciel> hehe
09:41 < pockeylam> OgMaciel, sure
09:42 < pockeylam> The event include: GNOME 3.0 Bangalore Hackfest | GNOME.Asia Summit 2011
09:42 < pockeylam> Event date confirmed: March 28 to April 2
09:42 < pockeylam> Hackfest: March 28 - April 1 (2 days optional + 3 days)
09:42 < pockeylam> so far we have people from marketing team like andreas and allan day said they will join :) 
09:42 < pockeylam> the hackfest and conference
09:43 <@OgMaciel> sweet
09:43 < pockeylam> and also some members from release teams like vincent, andre, frederic peters
09:43 < BLUG_Fred> trying to convince jclinton but he likes to be desired I think... 
09:43 < pockeylam> we want more to join us 
09:43 < BLUG_Fred> ;-)
09:43 < pockeylam> jclinton, please join us 
09:43  * OgMaciel wishes he could go
09:43 < andreasn> BLUG_Fred, haha
09:43 < pockeylam> OgMaciel, please join us
09:44 < yippi> stormy, exactly.
09:44 < jclinton> please don't block on me; I have a full time job and it's hard to get away
09:44 < aday> the event is a really good marketing opportunity prior to the gnome 3 release
09:44 < BLUG_Fred> call for sponsor document is done, call for papers as well
09:44 <@OgMaciel> pockeylam: afraid I can't... work has me pegged :)
09:44 < BLUG_Fred> we're starting to get inquiries from Indian about the hackfest
09:45 < jclinton> I guess it's a good time to mention that the event would be usefull to the marketing team as a kind of "mission control" to respond to and disseminate community interaction
09:45 < BLUG_Fred> we actually had an IRC meeting yesterday (as every week) and came up with some new ideas both from a funding and organization point of view
09:45 < jclinton> ....we will almost certainly have all the actual materials done by the time the event happens
09:45 < yippi> how many people at this meeting have applied for the ED position?  You don't need to respond if you don't want to make public the fact that you applied, but just curious.
09:45 < BLUG_Fred> we need to run them through Parag who is Novell's manager of local team members and will help with local sponsors
09:46 < stormy> yippi, I don't think that's an appropriate question
09:46 < BLUG_Fred> and we're struggling a bit with our website.. but it could be worse
09:47 < yippi> sorry then.  please lets not answer it if it isn't appropriate, then.
09:47 < andreasn> BLUG_Fred, what kind of issues
09:47 < andreasn> ?
09:47 < stormy> Thanks too for planning the community parties! Do you have an update on those too.
09:47 < stormy> ?
09:47 < BLUG_Fred> objectives of the week are to get done with the website, started sending call for sponsors and finalizing a proposal for the new ideas
09:47 < vuntz> fwiw, I was looking at the price to go to the hackfest, and I'm a bit worried that if we need to sponsor everyone, this will come up as highly expensive
09:47 < BLUG_Fred> andreasn: well it's complicated.. communication issues mainly I'd say
09:47 < andreasn> BLUG_Fred, ah, it's usual :)
09:48 < jclinton> vuntz: is it less expensive from Europe?
09:48 < BLUG_Fred> andreasn: and since only 1 person has access to do tech stuff, and also has a day job...  we're slow
09:48 < vuntz> jclinton: it was a minimum of €1000 from France
09:48 < pockeylam> and we also want to do a live video streaming during the conference, so more people can participate, we are looking for solution
09:49 < vuntz> (just travel)
09:49 < jclinton> BLUG_Fred: I think the website work should be entirely done by then but there will still be many marketing tasks to do
09:49 < andreasn> vuntz, indeed. We could look into various solutions, I would be happy to pay for half of my travel costs and other stuff
09:49 < BLUG_Fred> vuntz: i think that's about what we estimated
09:49 < pockeylam> vuntz, we budgeted that amount already
09:49 < BLUG_Fred> jclinton: sorry i missed something.. done by?
09:50 < jclinton> BLUG_Fred: erm, the gnome 3 web work done by the time the event begins
09:50 < BLUG_Fred> vuntz: i also believe prices usually go down between 1-2 months before the flying date
09:50 < jclinton> pockeylam or anyone: with regard to the remote thing, have we done this for a conference before?
09:51 < jclinton> s/remote/video streaming
09:51 < vuntz> it's obviously not my call, but from a purely financial point of view, I'd be thinking twice between inviting, say, 10 people to GNOME.Asia, and inviting 3 people to GNOME.Asia and doing a hackfest in europe/usa
09:51 < BLUG_Fred> jclinton: i was referring to small issues with website.  
09:51 < pockeylam> jclinton, yes, local co-organizer did that last year 
09:51 < pockeylam> jclinton, but they were not using free software to do the streaming
09:51 < vuntz> and maybe you've thought twice about it -- if that's the case, discard my comment :-)
09:51 < jclinton> pockeylam: okay, cool!
09:51 < BLUG_Fred> jclinton: we (the GUG Taiwan leader) tested also and it seems to work quite well
09:51 < pockeylam> jclinton, we will try to find free software tool first :)
09:52 < stormy> vuntz, there is also the goal to promote GNOME in Asia
09:52 < jclinton> BLUG_Fred, pockeylam: just curious if you have a count of people from outside of Asia who have RSVP'd "maybe" or "yes"
09:52 < stormy> So it's not just a matter of which one is cheaper.
09:52 < stormy> I do agree it's expensive money and time wise.
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09:53 < BLUG_Fred> jclinton: we budgeted for 30-40 people
09:53 < vuntz> stormy: oh yes, we do want to promote in Asia
09:53 < BLUG_Fred> jclinton: and now we're raising funds (well just starting) and seeing people starting to register here and there
09:53 < yippi> I think it would be great if we could have representatives from the most important GNOME teams at the event.
09:53 < vuntz> stormy: and that's where I can't say whether sending 10 people helps more than sending 3 people. Hence my "from a purely financial point of view" ;-)
09:53 < jclinton> wow!
09:54 < yippi> it might be good to get someone involved with GNOME Shell to go and talk about GNOME 3 for example.
09:54 < BLUG_Fred> i also hear the travel committee wants to test drive the new reservation system for GNOME.Asia
09:54 < vuntz> ok, if we can get 30 people, that's huge. Big difference :-)
09:54 < vuntz> (huge as in "will have impact")
09:54 < yippi> sounds like it could turn out to be a fun event.
09:54 < pockeylam> vuntz, out of the 30 - 40, some will be coming from asia ;) like me
09:55 < yippi> there will be a support desk at the event?  How will it work, via IRC?
09:55 <@OgMaciel> fyi, 5 minutes left until the meeting is officially over and I turn into a pumpkin ;)
09:55 < vuntz> OgMaciel: I hope you have a webcam?
09:55 < pockeylam> yippi, yes
09:55 <@OgMaciel> vuntz: that can be arranged ;)
09:55 < jclinton> yippi: we had discussed doing such a thing as a part of the marketing team activities and running that over IRC
09:55 < BLUG_Fred> yippi: yes, we need to pick a channel and have a web interface on GNOME.Asia
09:56 < jclinton> yippi: we have yet to interface with the documentation team about it though
09:56 < yippi> how will we promote the existance of the help desk to new GNOME 3 users, though?
09:56 < BLUG_Fred> yippi: we could actually start to get it up slghtly before the event to get visitors aware of the thing.
09:56 < yippi> how will they know where to find us?
09:56 < pockeylam> yippi, we should advertise that 
09:56 < stormy> pockeylam, can we get a quick update on the other parties?
09:56 < yippi> will we promote it on the GNOME3 website?
09:56 < pockeylam> stormy, sure
09:56 < pockeylam> Promoting the GNOME 3.0 Global Launch Party with goodies support
09:57 < pockeylam> stormy, is it this one? 
09:57 < BLUG_Fred> yippi: there's really a lot of work to do on the site, both cosmetic and in terms of writings...  but  we can't even upload a photo without asking the admin to do so
09:57 < pockeylam> - Officially announced on Jan 21
09:57 < stormy> yes
09:57 < yippi> i like "with goodies support"
09:57 < pockeylam> - Promotion emails sent to different GNOME mailing lists and other local communities, social networks as well
09:57 < BLUG_Fred> stormy asked about the launch parties
09:57 < yippi> I hate the "I get left on hold for an hour support"
09:57 < jclinton> yippi: currently the marketing plan is for current users of GNOME so the advertising of the help desk would be on existing user forums; especially proactively engaging any conversations about GNOME 3 on forums, etc
09:57 < pockeylam> - So far we have ~20 launch parties registered ( 
09:57 < pockeylam> most of them are from asia and europe
09:57 < BLUG_Fred> we have around 20 teams registered so far, 8 from Europe if I recall correctly
09:57 < BLUG_Fred> and not much from the US
09:57 < stormy> awesome!
09:58 < pockeylam> we need more from the US 
09:58 < aday> how many partie's worth of goodies do we have?
09:58 < stormy> BLUG_Fred, maybe work with Red Hat or Novell to have a party in Boston
09:58 < BLUG_Fred> t-shirt and other goodies design has been provided by andreasn and it's really nice
09:58 < pockeylam> one from south / north US
09:58 < yippi> have you talked with the Red Hat guys about having a party in Boston?
09:58 < pockeylam> aday, we planned / target 100
09:58 < BLUG_Fred> i'm not sure if there was any feedback and/or validation
09:58 < yippi> J5 normally has organized Boston parties for GNOME
09:58 < BLUG_Fred> emily is moitoring the suppliers as we will have to jungle with Chinese New Year
09:58 < emily> yippi: I will ping J5 and Marina to think about host party in Boston later 
09:59 < aday> pockeylam: great! plenty of capacity then
09:59 < pockeylam> andreasn, yeah, the design is really nice, can we share the designs with the board, and then we can send the designs to the suppliers to double check the price and so on?
09:59 < yippi> also, I'm surprised there are no Latin American parties.
09:59 < emily> <BLUG_Fred>: the T-shirts will be ready at the beginning of March. 
09:59 < pockeylam> yippi, how can we reach them?
09:59 < yippi> pockeylam, you don't 'know German?
09:59 < pockeylam> emily,  is contacting suppliers to get ready for production , thanks emily 
10:00 < yippi> jonh would also be a good person to touch base with.
10:00 < pockeylam> yippi, i never met him :) 
10:00 < stormy> jonh and diegoe
10:00 < yippi> pockeylam, he's on the board.
10:00 < emily> <pockeylam>, yippi: I will contact John Dwell and German 
10:00 < emily> for the party in their region 
10:00 < yippi> jonh wendell
10:00 < jclinton> there is vinicius from ... brazil? who has expressed an interest in going to GNOME.Asia
10:00 < stormy> (Jonh Wendall)
10:00 < andreasn> pockeylam, I need to finish them up first. Will send an e-mail to marketing-list once done
10:00 < pockeylam> emily, please do 
10:01 < pockeylam> yippi, oh the treasurer :)
10:01 < emily> stormy: thanks, I forget diegoe. Will do 
10:01 < yippi> fredrico might also be good to ask
10:01 < yippi> or miguel
10:01 < pockeylam> andreasn, great, thanks !
10:01 < andreasn> pockeylam, sorry for lagging behind on that a bit
10:02 < pockeylam> andreasn, not at all, you are early already
10:02 < pockeylam> andreasn, deadline is supposed to be end of Jan 
10:02 < andreasn> pockeylam, oh, heh. Ok. :)
10:02 < emily> <andreasn>: thanks for the design 
10:02 < pockeylam> so, let's follow up, spread the words, we target 100 parties :-) 
10:03 < pockeylam> andreasn, how about putting the launch parties campaign on
10:03 < emily> pockeylam: May be we will have 50 parties
10:03 -!- BLUG_Fred [~fred@] has quit [Ex-Chat]
10:03 < pockeylam> emily, we target 100, we get 50 ;) 
10:03 < pockeylam> and get a map to show all our parties? 
10:03 < emily> pockeylam>: then we can increase T-shirts number for each party. let's see :) 
10:03 <@OgMaciel> sorry guys, but I have to go back to work... thank you all for stopping by
10:03 < aday> i'll do some more party promotion using the microblogs
10:03 -!- BLUG_Fred [~fred@] has joined #foundation
10:04 < aday> it's great pr
10:04 < pockeylam> emily, yep, if budget is allowed, we can do that, let's see how it will affect the shipping cost :) 
10:04 < BLUG_Fred> sorry I couldn't read anyone's message
10:04 < emily> <aday> Thanks for bloging 
10:04 < pockeylam> yeah, 20 parties , it's really not bad since we launched on 21st Jan
10:05 < jclinton> BLUG_Fred: didn't miss much, just finishing up talking about Latin America WRT launch parties
10:05 < andreasn> pockeylam, I can fix that. I have some code for doing a simple map

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