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06:02 < OgMaciel> Agenda:
06:02 < OgMaciel> everybody awake?
06:03 < pockeylam> OgMaciel, hi
06:03 < OgMaciel> hi pockeylam 
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06:04 < OgMaciel> 1) GNOME 3 marketing contractor
06:04 < OgMaciel> yippi: can you give us an update?
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06:05 -!- mode/#foundation [+o OgMaciel] by Stric
06:06 -!- OgMaciel changed the topic of #foundation to: Current Meeting: Jan. 12th, 2011 from 14:00 to 15:00 UTC - Agenda:
06:06 < BLUG_Fred> hi, sorry I had connection issue (thought I was in, but nothing what being displayed )
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06:06 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: no worries
06:06 <@OgMaciel> yippi: around?
06:07 <@OgMaciel> ok
06:07 <@OgMaciel> 1) GNOME 3 marketing contractor
06:07 < pockeylam> OgMaciel, do we have any candidate applied for the marketing post? 
06:07 <@OgMaciel> What I do know is that we have only received one single application so far...
06:08 <@OgMaciel> andreasn_: is supposed to reach out via email and see if we can get some suggestions for this position
06:08 < andreasn_> we really want more people to apply! Let us know if you know someone good
06:09 < pockeylam> OgMaciel, the job description is not very clear e.g. how long the work last, what's the workload, maybe that's why we don't receive much feedback? 
06:09 < pockeylam> OgMaciel, i mean how much is the workload
06:09 <@OgMaciel> if you guys know of someone, let us know
06:09 <@OgMaciel> pockeylam: good point
06:09 <@OgMaciel> ACTION: be more specific about the job work load
06:10 < BLUG_Fred> and duration as well I guess
06:10 <@OgMaciel> sounds good
06:10 <@OgMaciel> shall we move on?
06:10 < pockeylam> OgMaciel, sure, please
06:10 <@OgMaciel> 2)
06:11 <@OgMaciel> andreasn_: could you give us an update?
06:11 < andreasn_> OgMaciel, sure
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06:12 < andreasn_> pretty much finished to launch, aday is doing some final fixes
06:12 < andreasn_> but I think we should be pretty much ok to launch right now
06:12 < andreasn_> what do you think aday?
06:12 < andreasn_> all dev is going on here btw
06:13 < aday> andreasn_: we're pretty much there. let's get it out there!
06:13 < andreasn_> so now we just need someone to do the right dns stuff
06:13 < andreasn_> I'll ping the sysadmins later today
06:14 <@OgMaciel> andreasn_: have we got a day in mind?
06:14 < andreasn_> today? :)
06:14 < pockeylam> :) 
06:14 <@OgMaciel> hehehe
06:14 < andreasn_> but we could do it tomorrow too
06:14 <@OgMaciel> sounds good!
06:14 < BLUG_Fred> andreasn_: yesterday? ;-)
06:14 < andreasn_> Yes!
06:15 < BLUG_Fred> wow...
06:15 <@OgMaciel> :)
06:15 <@OgMaciel> ok
06:15 <@OgMaciel> 3) 2010 Annual Report - how can we all help?
06:15 <@OgMaciel> this would probably be a pcutler or yippi thing...
06:16 <@OgMaciel> ok if we skip until yippi is around?
06:16 < andreasn_> I can help with the design this year
06:16 <@OgMaciel> cool
06:16 < pockeylam> OgMaciel, i can help to write the event report for 2010 again :)
06:16 < BLUG_Fred> andreasn_: can we have a bit of help with GNOME.Asia summit call for sponsor document as well?
06:16 <@OgMaciel> 2 volunteers! :)
06:18 <@OgMaciel> ok
06:18 < andreasn_> BLUG_Fred, sure, ping me tomorrow about it
06:18 <@OgMaciel> 4) Executive Director search committee update
06:18 < BLUG_Fred> andreasn_: thanks a lot, i will
06:18 <@OgMaciel> german would be the best person to give us an update on this
06:18 < BLUG_Fred> (I asked jimmac and he told me to ask you... hehe)
06:18 <@OgMaciel> there is a interviewing committee
06:19 <@OgMaciel> and I know that there are candidates
06:19 <@OgMaciel> and they seem to be gearing for the interview process
06:19 <@OgMaciel> but this is all I know
06:19 < BLUG_Fred> screening has started and I was told we have 7-8 strong candidates
06:19 <@OgMaciel> so you know as much as I do :)
06:21  * OgMaciel makes mental note to get more information
06:21 <@OgMaciel> 5) Recent discussions about "Fallback mode". Were decisions made? Explained? How can we communicate that to a wider audience now?
06:21 < aday> i've discussed this with mccann a little, and it's been talked about on #gnome-shell
06:21 -!- hadess [] has joined #foundation
06:22 <@OgMaciel> aday: what can you tell us?
06:22 <@OgMaciel> hadess can help too I'm sure
06:22 < aday> doesn't seem like there's a definite plan right now. there are a few options which are being considered, from what i can gather
06:22 < hadess> the way the gnome-shell developers want to implement fallback mode, you wouldn't get 2 separate types of session in GDM
06:23 < hadess> you'd log in, and if your computer doesn't support gnome-shell, you'd get the fallback mode
06:23 < hadess> this doesn't mean that it'll spot people from installing 2 separate session types
06:23 < hadess> but offering an "unbreak my system" option really isn't the way we want to do things
06:24 < hadess> and the session types stuff in gdm really is for geeks and power users
06:24 <@OgMaciel> hehe
06:25 < BLUG_Fred> isn't GNOME 3.0 for geeks and power users at this stage?
06:25 < hadess> BLUG_Fred: that'd be because it's not released yet
06:25 < BLUG_Fred> hadess: once it's released
06:25 < BLUG_Fred> sorry.. bad choice of words
06:25 < aday> the faq says something like 'gnome 3 *really* is better, but there will be an option to switch to gnome 2 if you really want it'
06:25 < hadess> no, it won't be
06:26 < hadess> aday: that's a misnomer
06:26 < BLUG_Fred> i was told gnome 3.0 was targeting existing gnome 2.x users
06:26 < hadess> BLUG_Fred: if targetting gnome 2.x users was the goal, we probably didn't need to change the user experience
06:27 < BLUG_Fred> and besides no distro is going to ship gnome 3.0 before a few months
06:27 < BLUG_Fred> ok
06:27 < hadess> BLUG_Fred: i know it's at least planned for fedora 15
06:27 < andreasn_> BLUG_Fred, I think the discussion was to communicate the changes to existing GNOME 2.x users
06:27 < BLUG_Fred> hadess: wow... 
06:28 <@OgMaciel> 6) GNOME 3 launch goodies budget approved: shall we announce it and how/where?
06:29 < BLUG_Fred> I added the topic, I actually didn't know whether i should put it here or post on the marketing list
06:29 <@OgMaciel> german and emily not around...
06:29 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: please do that...
06:30 < BLUG_Fred> emily and yippi confirmed there was a budget approved and since the release is in 3 months
06:30 < andreasn_> so this goes together with arranging launch parties, so maybe put it on the frontpage?
06:30 < BLUG_Fred> we should promote it somehow to get people to apply and send them stuff
06:30 < pockeylam> OgMaciel, the board approved the budget not long ago, the goodies are supposed to help to get more parties organized , so we should announce it in the front page of and blog
06:30 <@OgMaciel> I have a quick meeting to attend... andreasn_ and hadess will take over
06:30 -!- andre_ [~andre@] has joined #foundation
06:31 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: conclusion/AI is to ask on marketing mailing list then?
06:32 < BLUG_Fred> andreasn_: what do you think?
06:32 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: I think it would be best
06:32 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: ok. i ll ask then. thank you
06:32 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: no problem (/me dialed in for meeting)
06:32 < BLUG_Fred> i also add the next item, so I can present
06:33 <@OgMaciel> 7) Status of our collaboration efforts with distributions
06:33 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: go :)
06:33 < BLUG_Fred> we had a discussion 1 or 2 IRC meetings ago about trying to reach out and better understand if we could help downstream projects
06:33 < andreasn_> did you get any good feedback?
06:33 < BLUG_Fred> i have contacted people at Novell, Red Hat, Oracle (2 teams), Canonical and Debian
06:34 < BLUG_Fred> as discussed with others
06:34 < BLUG_Fred> so far Novell as replied, Debian and Canonical is going to.... soon
06:34 < BLUG_Fred> yippi has helped to ping back Oracle and they said they are looking for the right info/contact
06:35 < andreasn_> cool
06:35 < BLUG_Fred> i was hoping Jonathan would be here, but I guess i'll try to catch him around here another time
06:35  * OgMaciel is back
06:35 < andreasn_> OgMaciel, do you want to drive the meeting again? :)
06:35 <@OgMaciel> pockeylam: I'll talk to the board and will post anything decided
06:35 < andreasn_> 8) # Upcoming events on to be updated ( and desktop summit)
06:35 < BLUG_Fred> questions asked were 
06:35 < BLUG_Fred> 1. What version(s) of GNOME do you maintain in a stable fashion?
06:35 < BLUG_Fred> 2. How much work does this represent?
06:35 < BLUG_Fred> 3. Do you feel there is duplication of work between what you do and what
06:35 < BLUG_Fred> other distribution do?
06:35 < BLUG_Fred> 4. How do you see a potential collaboration between all of "us"
06:35 < BLUG_Fred> (upstream and downstream projects)?
06:35 <@OgMaciel> andreasn_: you're doing great :)
06:35 < BLUG_Fred> 5. We are definitely aware that today each of us use a different bug
06:35 < BLUG_Fred> tracking system. Do you see any possible technical solution that could
06:36 < BLUG_Fred> address this specific issue? 
06:36 < andreasn_> OgMaciel, no, because we weren't done. Everyone: Ignore my last post :)
06:36 <@OgMaciel> hehehe no worries
06:37 < andreasn_> BLUG_Fred, great questions. Thanks for doing this!
06:37 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: did you get any answers yet?
06:37 < BLUG_Fred> well that's about it. I haven't figured out where and how to store responses and Dave suggested we posted on the distribution mailing list and getting in touch with andre_ as well
06:37 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: Novell and Debian answered
06:37 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: I'd love to read them :)
06:37 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: Canonical and Oracle said they will
06:38 < BLUG_Fred> andre_: Dave told me to ping you on where to put/continue this effort (if I understood correctly)
06:38 < andreasn_> are we ready for next item?
06:38 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: are you subscribed to the distribution mailing list (no idea what's the name)
06:39  * andre_ wonders what the topic is
06:39 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: am not but if you point it to me I will
06:39 <@OgMaciel> 7) Status of our collaboration efforts with distributions
06:39 < BLUG_Fred> andre_: better ollaboration with distributions
06:39 <@OgMaciel> andreasn_: ^^
06:39 <@OgMaciel> err
06:39 <@OgMaciel> andre_: 
06:40 < BLUG_Fred> andre_: we're starting to get responses and it's probably time to start looking at it
06:40 < BLUG_Fred> Novell was super fast
06:40  * andre_ didn't know about this
06:40 < BLUG_Fred> andre_: would the distribution mailing list be a good place to continue the effort and share the information?
06:41 < BLUG_Fred> andre_: it was discussed on the foundation meeting maybe last month
06:41 < andre_> I assume it's the best place, yeah
06:41 < BLUG_Fred> andre_: can't remember for sure
06:41 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: maybe 2
06:41 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: yes maybe 2 meetings ago
06:41  * andreasn_ got phone call
06:41 < andre_> I only read the mail summaries sometimes
06:42 < BLUG_Fred> andre_: so i'll continue on that mailing list then
06:42 <@OgMaciel> ok
06:42 < BLUG_Fred> andre_: i'll ping you again if I can't find it ;-)
06:43 <@OgMaciel> next topic
06:43 <@OgMaciel> 8) Upcoming events on to be updated ( and desktop summit)
06:43 <@OgMaciel> pockeylam: you can go if you want
06:43 <@OgMaciel> we'll wait for andreasn_ to give his update
06:43 < BLUG_Fred> we don't have a date yet for, but that should be fixed this weekend I think
06:44 < pockeylam> OgMaciel, for , we confirmed the location , which is bangalore, for the date, we will most likely host it in March 2011...
06:44 < BLUG_Fred> still maybe we could update the section and just say it's happening with GNOME 3.0 release
06:44 < pockeylam> yes, waiting for the date to be confirmed, and then we can announce it early next week
06:44 < andreasn_> back, sorry for that
06:44 <@OgMaciel> sweet
06:44 < BLUG_Fred> and desktop summit seem confirm and the site ready
06:44 <@OgMaciel> andreasn_: no worries
06:44 < andreasn_> what did you need my update on?
06:44 <@OgMaciel> Desktop Summit
06:45 < BLUG_Fred> Upcoming Events on front page of gnome. org is Boston Summit 2010
06:45 < andreasn_> right. So, things are going on track
06:45 < BLUG_Fred> maybe we should refresh that
06:45 < BLUG_Fred> that's what the topic is about
06:45 <@OgMaciel> ACTION: update front page about upcoming events
06:46 < andreasn_> a CMS have been selected (Drupal) and I need to theme it really, really soon :)
06:46 <@OgMaciel> :D
06:46 < BLUG_Fred> andreasn_: do you need some text for the GNOME.Asia summit announcement?
06:46 < BLUG_Fred> andreasn_: or you will make it up?
06:47 < andreasn_> BLUG_Fred, I'm terrible with texts, so I really need some help with that
06:47 -!- stormy [] has joined #foundation
06:47 < BLUG_Fred> andreasn_: ok then. I'll write something and email you then
06:47 < BLUG_Fred> how long should it be to fit the layout?
06:47 -!- emily [~emily@] has joined #foundation
06:48 < andreasn_> and I'll take care of the desktop summit text for the frontpage
06:48 <@OgMaciel> ACTION: BLUG_Fred to provide andreasn_ with text for GNOME.Asia announcement
06:48 <@OgMaciel> thanks andreasn_ 
06:48 < andreasn_> maybe after we do the proper site so people can register and stuff, but it could also link to the current if we want it sooner
06:49 < andreasn_> but it's probably not that urgent yet
06:49 < BLUG_Fred> andreasn_: it's just that our upcoming event section seems outdated
06:50 < andreasn_> so you think it wouldn't hurt to put the desktop summit one there right away?
06:51 < BLUG_Fred> i don't think it would hurt at all...
06:51 <@OgMaciel> well, that concludes the topics listed in the agenda... anyone got something else they'd like to discuss?
06:51 < BLUG_Fred> it's look updated compared to now
06:51 < andreasn_> I can put some text together for that one, I have enough content from the site I can reuse
06:51 < andreasn_> ACTION: andreasn_ to fix the Desktop Summit text for the frontpage
06:52 < BLUG_Fred> andre_: the list is right?
06:52 < andre_> yes
06:52 < BLUG_Fred> thanks
06:53 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: i'll post the replies on that list
06:53 < andre_> well, I don't think there's any other list with "distribut" listed on the overview webpage ;-)
06:53 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: thanks, subscribing right now :)
06:55 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: i might not post right away ;-)
06:55 <@OgMaciel> hehe
06:55 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: and i haven't received my confirmation yet neither...
06:56 <@OgMaciel> hmmmm jdub is the moderator
06:56 < BLUG_Fred> andre_: i thought you were the list admin.. so i had doubts
06:57 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: yes that surprised me as well
06:57 < andre_> no, I'm not
06:59 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: i had some question about the FOG progress bar
07:00 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: shoot
07:00 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: does it only track the monthly subscribers or all donations?
07:00 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: like what about someone who decides to give one time $200
07:00 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: all new subscriptions
07:00 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: does he appear as +1?
07:00 <@OgMaciel> one time does not add
07:01 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: isn't that counter-xxxx  , can't find the term
07:01 < BLUG_Fred> i mean it's better if someone going for 10x12 suddenly decides to give $150, though he will not make the progress bar go up
07:01 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: the bar is for new subscriptions only
07:02 <@OgMaciel> though we like one time donations, we'd prefer subscriptions
07:02 < BLUG_Fred> especially if one time is more than recurring 
07:03 < BLUG_Fred> i would feel a financial goal is more motivating than a subscriber goal
07:03 < BLUG_Fred> subscriber count goal
07:04 < BLUG_Fred> (i noticed we got 5 more since the launch though)
07:04 <@OgMaciel> I think it's safe to end the meeting now. BLUG_Fred we can continue this
07:04 < stormy> subscribers provide a different financial stability than one time subscribers.
07:04 <@OgMaciel> what stormy said
07:04 < stormy> If you have 1,000 subscribers, you know that's $10,000/month you can count on.
07:04 < BLUG_Fred> stormy: but they can opt out anytime as well...
07:05 < stormy> Yes, but they are much less likely too.
07:05 < BLUG_Fred> stormy: do we have some stats? (I mean it doesn't really matter) 
07:05 < stormy> Not all of them. Not unless you do something bad.
07:05 < stormy> What type of stats?
07:05 < stormy> FSF has a similar program.
07:05 < stormy> It works really well for them.
07:05 < stormy> And provides a very solid financial base.
07:05 < BLUG_Fred> like recurring one time donations?
07:05 < BLUG_Fred> vs the normal recurring ones
07:05 < stormy> Someone could easily go through the data and see.
07:06 < stormy> But it's been proven in the nonprofit world that having "subscribers" is a good thing.
07:06 < stormy> We pushed $ amount last time.
07:06 < BLUG_Fred> in our recurring offer we somehow encourage a one year commitment. Is that recurring as well?
07:06 <@OgMaciel> BLUG_Fred: just got my confirmation email
07:06 < stormy> And didn't get many subscribers.
07:06 < stormy> Now we are pushing subscribers and we'll see.
07:07 < BLUG_Fred> stormy: oh that makes sense... didn't know
07:07 < stormy> BLUG_Fred, it was supposed to be but I didn't take part in the implementation.
07:07 < pockeylam> after this new subscription program, we can compare this year over last year :) 
07:08 < BLUG_Fred> well i got my answers. thank you very much
07:08 < BLUG_Fred> I guess I have to try the one year subscription and see if it's recurring then :)
07:09 < pockeylam> OgMaciel, when will be the next irc meeting? 
07:09 <@OgMaciel> pockeylam: 2 weeks and I will announce it
07:10 < pockeylam> OgMaciel, great, thanks! 
07:10 < BLUG_Fred> OgMaciel: i don't have other question
07:10 -!- OgMaciel changed the topic of #foundation to: Next Meeting: Jan. 26th, 2011 from 14:00 to 15:00 UTC - Agenda:
07:10 <@OgMaciel> pockeylam: you're very welcome

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