Minutes for Foundation IRC Meeting of November 3rd, 2010

  • When: Wednesday, November 3rd, 14:00 UTC
  • Where: irc.gnome.org, #foundation

Meeting Log


  • Board Members: Andreas Nilsson, Bastien Nocera, Brian Cameron, Emily Chen, Germán Póo-Caamaño, Og Maciel, Paul Cutler
  • Stormy Peters, Executive Director
  • Rosanna Yuen, Administrative Assistant

Topics Discussed

  • Bastien provides an update on the "GTK+ / MeeGo Handset integration work" call for bids

  • Dave Neary and Andreas provide an update on the 2011 Desktop Summit planning
    • There is one confirmed keynote of 3 invitees.
    • Program committee will be announced shortly - 6 people from GNOME and 6 people from KDE.
    • Planning a local team meeting on November 8th in Berlin, Germany.
  • Discussion about how to improve collaboration with GNOME distributions
    • Suggestion to get distros to work more closely together to provide long-term support for the versions of GNOME that they support.
    • Better linking of distro bugzillas and the ability to push bug information up and downstream would be useful.
  • Discussion about the Canonical Unity announcement.
    • Stormy highlighted that the talking points are:
      • Ubuntu is still using GNOME technologies.
      • The GNOME community support people using GNOME technologies in different ways (MeeGo, Unity, etc.).

      • The GNOME community still supports GNOME Shell and it will be part of GNOME 3.
  • Discussion about Stormy leaving her position as The GNOME Foundation Executive Director, which was announced on Tuesday, November 2nd.
    • Planning to hire a new executive director.

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