Minutes for Board IRC Meeting of January 30th, 2010

  • When: Saturday, January 30th, 16:00 UTC
  • Where: irc.gnome.org, #foundation

Meeting Log

Topics Discussed


Discussion about GNOME 3 marketing:

  • Need to move forward on the topics that were discussed and planned at the Marketing hackfest last November. For example:
    • Develop really good materials (event box & presentations) for those who want to promote GNOME 3.0.

    • Develop a campaign slogan.
    • Make sure the marketing materials we make can be easily used by our partners.
    • We had talked about creating videos, and they would all have a spot for downstream partner logos. Perhaps as part of the GNOME 3.0 campaign we should build a dedicated GNOME 3.0 website that will include such short videos highlighting specific feature(s).
    • We plan to have 2 more Marketing hackfests/meetings before the September GNOME 3.0.

Planning for GNOME 3.0

Concerns about GNOME 3.0

  • Discussion about how well GNOME 3.0 will support accessibility, and the need to make sure that we set the right expectations if the initial GNOME 3.0 release does not support it well.
  • Some distros may not switch to GNOME 3.0 quickly, and might use the old shell (gnome-panel and metacity) for some time. Especially if there are issues with things like accessibility in the new GNOME Shell.

Co-location with Akademy in 2011

  • People expressed that there is a real need to ensure that any future co-located conferences are better organized so that the GNOME and KDE projects have more time to focus on their separate projects and that time spent on collaboration is more focused on areas where collaboration is likely to be productive.
  • Concern about a co-located conference will cause the GNOME community to loose focus or become diluted. Need to ensure that we work to minimize this if and when we have co-located conferences.
  • Vincent conducted a survey to determine community interest in co-location:
    • 65.05% for "do it", 27.18% for "don't do it"
    • Considering just Foundation members: 47.57% for "do it", 21.36% for "don't do it".
    • 18.45% will only attend or be more likely to attend in case of co-location, while 10.68% will be less likely to attend or will not attend in this case

Hackfest Planning

Refer to: http://live.gnome.org/Hackfests

  • People were asked what future topics would be most interesting for future hackfest. Topics suggested include:
    • l10n hackfest
    • More co-located or FreeDesktop.org hackfests to work on areas where collaboration is useful.

      • Portland/XDG hackfest
  • The GNOME Foundation has been working to focus on hackfests that relate to the GNOME 3.0 transition. For example:
    • Marketing
    • Usability
    • Accessibility
  • Perhaps we should make an effort to better broadcast status of hackfests more widely or do a more official periodic write-up.

Future IRC Meetings

  • It was decided that it would be good to have future Foundation IRC meetings.
  • It was agreed to have such meetings monthly on the last weekend of each month.

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