Foundation Board Minutes for Monday 7 October, 15:30 UTC




  • Additional travel funding for LAS 2019


  • Additional travel funding for LAS 2019
    • This emergency meeting was convened specifically to decide what to do with the LAS travel funding, as described in The LAS travel sponsorship budget has been used up, so the travel committee had to fund some people at a lower rate. This has led to some people cancelling their trip as they would have to pay too much out of pocket. The travel committee has polled the people who cancelled to find out how much more funds they would need to be able to attend. They are requesting additional funds to spend on LAS travel sponsorship. For USD 2,500 they would be able to make up the difference so that the people who otherwise would cancel would be able to attend. For USD 3,190 they would be able to fund the requests entirely.

    • Federico: Where would this money come from?
      • Allan: General funds, though there is the issue of KDE matching on conference income.
      • Neil: It's probably worth thinking about it as coming from next year's travel funds. The goal was to raise EUR 14,500 for LAS; we'd be running the conference on a deficit anyway.
    • Tristan: If we were to give it support, would we have a better chance of getting more funding for LAS in the future?
      • Neil: Last year we made a profit on LAS, but not this year.
    • Philip: It's a bit of a gamble to determine what hackfests might be held next year that would otherwise be diverted to this.
    • Tristan: Is next year's travel budget significantly larger than this year's?
      • Neil: The budget has not been presented to the board yet, but currently no.
    • Allan: This amount of money is not an outrageous amount to shuffle around, to facilitate our goal of allowing people to attend GNOME community events.
    • VOTE: Approve an additional USD 2,500 travel funding for LAS 2019, to be administered by the Travel Committee.

      • +1 unanimous

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