Foundation Board Minutes for Monday 7 January, 16:30 UTC




  • Emails with trademark licensing questions (Philip)
  • Expectations for board around hiring (Allan)
  • FOSDEM advisory board meeting (Nuritzi)


  • Emails with trademark licensing questions
    • We received an email from Phil King about use of GTK trademark in a book.
      • Philip: Do we own that trademark as well as the GNOME foot?
      • Neil: I believe so, will check. I'll also check informally with the GTK team members before answering the email.
    • We received another email notifying about royalties from Gabor Kum EV for GNOME-branded merchandise.
      • Philip: Is there a way to publicize that trademark licensing questions should go to the staff instead of the board?
      • Neil: Trademark questions should indeed not go to the board; they should go directly to, which is redirected to the staff list. It may be that people are using the wrong address.

  • Expectations for board around hiring
    • Allan: Are we expected to formally welcome new hires in a meet-the-board gathering, as part of their onboarding?
      • No. Better to informally meet them at, say, FOSDEM or other conferences.
  • FOSDEM advisory board meeting
    • Nuritzi: Is the board preparing any presentation for the advisory board meeting at FOSDEM?
      • Neil: Traditionally not, it's only a half day as opposed to a full day at GUADEC. I will prepare a presentation.
    • Neil: Those attending the advisory board meeting at FOSDEM, please fill in the Framadate poll so we can pick a time for the meeting.

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