Foundation Board Minutes for Wednesday, July 4th 2018 UTC

Next meeting date Tuesday, July 10th 2018, 18:00 UTC





  • Appoint board officers
  • Appoint committee members and board liasons
  • Executive Director line manager


  • Appoint board officers
    • VOTE: appoint the following as listed:
      • President: Nuritzi Sanchez
      • Vice-president: Allan Day
      • Secretary: Philip Chimento
      • Vice-secretary: Federico Mena Quintero
      • Treasurer: Carlos Soriano
      • Vice-treasurer: Rob McQueen

      • +1 unanimous
  • ED line manager
    • Currently Allan. Has bi-weekly calls with Neil, sends a report to the board.
    • Question - what is the role of the line manager? Purely pastoral, or board representative? Technically the ED is answerable to the board as a whole, but the board doesn't currently have board-only discussions.
    • Rob - board meetings are typically when the ED is held to account by the board. The line manager is more of a pastoral role. Should cover professional development.
    • Rob has management and HR expertise and could take on the role - he'll take over from Allan
    • Rob to provide progress reports and assist setting up HR processes for the Foundation
  • Appoint committee members and board liaisons
    • We want to have a board member on each committee, to act as liason. Each liason doesn't have to be an active committee member - just has a formal membership so they can participate in a limited capacity.
    • VOTE: appoint the following committee members as listed:
      • Code of conduct: Federico Mena Quintero (*), Felipe Borges, Rosanna Yuen
      • Sponsorship: Alberto Ruiz, Emily Chen, Sri Ramkrishna, Wen Qixian, Executive Director, Rob McQueen (*)

      • Travel: David King, Germán Poo-Caamaño, Michael Hall, Adelia Rahim, Philip Chimento (*)
      • Engagement: Nuritzi Sanchez (*), Sri Ramkrishna, Rosanna Yuen, Neil McGovern

      • Membership: Tobias Mueller, Andrea Veri, Pascal Terjan, Kunal Jain, Marcin Kolny, Carlos Soriano (*)
      • * indicates board liaison
    • +1 unanimous
    • In future, the board would like to create guidelines for committees, so that we can set expectations and ensure that members are active and responsive.
  • ACTION: each liasion to communicate the vote back to their respective committee -

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