Minutes for Friday, December 19th, 2014, 17:00 UTC

Next meeting due on January 9th, 2015 at 17:00 UTC


  • Ekaterina Gerasimova
  • Rosanna Yuen
  • Marina Zhurakhinskaya
  • Jeff Fortin
  • Andrea Veri
  • Karen Sandler
  • Tobias Mueller


  • Sriram Ramkrishna


Board meeting

  • GUADEC 2015 Sponsor Brochure Draft (if not resolved on the mailing list)
    • VOTE: +1 Karen, Marina, Tobi in the meeting, Kat, Jeff, Andrea by mailing list)
    • ACTION: Jeff to reply Fabiana back with the vote's result
  • Status of adboard outreach
    • Need to either have the quarterly adboard meeting now soonish, or plan one for FOSDEM
    • What about having it at the upcoming FOSDEM?
      • Sri, Tobi, Karen, Kat will be at FOSDEM this year
      • Who from the Adboard might be there? Google and Red Hat, anyone else?
      • ACTION: Kat to send an invitation email for it this week
      • ACTION: Tobi (?) to figure out a time slot for it
    • Prospection: nothing to report yet: too late for the budget thing, but should send at least a happy holidays mail?
  • (If time allows, and depending on the outcome of "Status of adboard outreach"): see if we need to assign a 5K of general funds to cover sysadmin work for year 2015 while adboard outreach is being sorted out?
  • a 3000$ check was received from "The Howard Johnson Foundation"
    • the GNOME Foundation is expected to use the funds only within the US
    • Need to dig a little bit who these people are, and if they did donate to who they thought they were donating to?
    • Evaluate what we can use it on with the restrictions that come attached to the check
  • Proposal to experiment with a Kanboard instance to keep track of our action items
    • Access is allowed to all Board members using their GNOME Account login
    • Ask Andrea or Jeff to grant the relevant ACL on the board
  • Review pending action items
    • Review old minutes pending items (where?)
  • Discuss plans for reviewing salaries/hourly rates of employees/contractors
  • Deferred until further mailing list discussion occurs from other board members (or missing info):
    • GNOME Privacy project (what to do with the remaining funds): hackfest? internships?
    • NDA for sysadmins (for the privacy policy)

Discussed on the mailing list

  • Grant and letter from The Howard Johnson Foundation
  • Performance and salary reviews for employees and contractors
  • Missing board-list archives for 2005-2006 and a few months of 2007
    • Mailman had a misconfiguration way back in 2005 and archives for these years were lost
    • Andrea is contacting Board members that were serving at that time to import them back into the GNOME Infrastructure
  • Initial payments to the Outreach Program interns

Completed Actions

Pending action items

  • GUADEC 2015 Sponsor Brochure Draft: Jeff to mail Fabiana back with the result of Board's vote
  • GNOME's CoC: Board to follow up in the upcoming meetings and prepare a version of the CoC to be finally considered final over all the GNOME yearly events
  • Edward Swartz's "philantropist donation": Sri to email him to thank, say we're getting a gift together, ask about reasons motivating his great donation, maybe offer an interview? And verify his mailing address.
  • Kat to create a private wiki page on the web services accounts holders and passwords
    • Allan and Kat decided to go for a private git account instead for security reasons
  • Kat to draft a proposal for a privacy policy for review
  • Kat to draft a contract template for future use organizations for which we handle money
  • Karen to write the Privacy policy for GNOME services
  • Karen will look at gnome-software privacy issues from a legal standpoint
  • Karen to draft a proposal for the photography policy at GNOME conferences to discuss on foundation-list
  • Tobi to continue pursuing the fund collection in Europe
  • Tobi to talk to Andrea to move the PayPal data extraction scripts over to the GNOME infrastructure

  • Sri to investigate better uses of adsense/adwords on the GNOME websites
  • Sri to communicate to Rosanna and work on the donation for the West Coast hackfest
  • Sri, Marina, Kat to work on establishing criteria for drafting for the hiring committee for the ED role
  • Sri to investigate the GNOME gifts situation

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