Minutes for Meeting of January 7th, 2010

Next Meeting

  • January 21, 2010


  • Behdad Esfahbod
  • Brian Cameron
  • Diego Escalante
  • Germán Póo-Caamaño
  • Lucas Roca
  • Rosanna Yuen
  • Stormy Peters
  • Vincent Untz


  • Srinivasa Ragavan


Recurring Items

  • Review past action items.
  • Did each person with action items send their status reports to the board list before the meeting?
  • Approve and make sure that minutes of last meeting were published to foundation-announce and foundation-list.
  • Make sure to start up the gobby server for better note taking.
  • System administrator hiring - waiting for funding.
  • Update foundation.gnome.org website.

New items

  • Co-locating in 2011. Vincent talked to Cornelius Schumacher, and the KDE community is very interested in co-locating. The GNOME board would like to first discuss with the advisory board before making any decisions, so this is a topic for the next advisory board meeting.
  • Annual Report
    • ACTION - Lucas will ping Paul for the 2009 Annual Report.
    • ACTION - Lucas will ping Vinicius about doing the design.
    • ACTION - Rosanna will check who received the 2008 Annual Report and send an email to board-list letting everybody know who received them.
  • Status about need to acquire hardware to replace two old GNOME servers hosted at Red Hat.
    • Jeff Schroeder has provided one machine.
    • ACTION - Stormy to follow up with the Advisory Board about acquiring a second machine.
  • Status about the possibility of needing to conduct a vote. There were two issues raised recently, but it is not looking like either will require a vote. The two issues were:
    • GNOME leave the GNU project - retracted.
    • To create a private mailing list - not enough people for the vote.
  • Code of Conduct & Speakers Guidelines

    • ACTION - Vincent will ping Matthew Garrett for the Speaker Guidelines.
    • ACTION - Lucas will work towards forming a group to put together a more concrete Code of Conduct proposal.
  • Intel Copyright Assignment status - no update.
  • Usability, Marketing, and Accessibility Hackfest update. Everything is moving along well.
    • ACTION - Vincent will add the link to the Usability hackfest to the main page.
  • Process for how hackfests are organized
    • ACTION - Diego will migrate the proposal for how hackfests are organized to the Wiki for more public review.
  • Employee Handbook - Brian would like to receive comments from the board members.
    • ACTION - Brian will send an email to remind people to review it.
  • Trademark and merchandising.
    • Brian has sent an email to the GNOME legal list asking for help in writing a trademark agreement contract. James Vasile is working on this.
  • IRC board meeting
    • ACTION - Diego will send an email to Board list to try to set a date for this.
    • ACTION - Diego will send an email to foundation-list announcing the date and we will just do it.
  • guifi.net - Topic deferred to next meeting.
  • GnuCash - seemed almost done at the last meeting.

    • The script to make the data anonymous is done.
    • ACTION - Rosanna will send an email to Behdad describing the extra scripts that she needs.
  • Donation ruler status - There has been miscommunication and Lucas will work to get this moving forward.
  • CRM
    • The CRM is not yet fully set up. Currently sponsors, contacts, and action items are set up.
    • Board members will receive an invitation to join soon.
    • Working on adding foundation members and those who have donated.
  • Foundation & Stormy's Goals

    • Two sections - Foundation goals & Stormy's goals.

    • Plans to define one more level of detail and then discuss at the next advisory board meeting.
    • ACTION - Stormy will put together another revision of the goals proposal.

Action Items

Completed Actions

  • Brian - Again send an email to remind people on the board to review the Employee Handbook.
  • Diego - Will send an email to the board list to try to set a date for the IRC Foundation meeting. (DONE already)
  • Vincent - Follow up with the status of the annual report. A mail has already been sent to Paul. [Action moved to Lucas]

Old Actions

  • Behdad - Tasked with scrubbing the GnuCash file so it can be made public. Behdad sent a scrubbed GnuCash file to Rosanna to check, but still pending.

  • Brian - Get information about what should be in an "Employee Handbook". Draft under review.
  • Brian - Look into organizing a hackfest on "how to make it easier for more people to do some usability magic". The Usability hackfest has been announced. Planning is ongoing.
  • Brian - Develop trademark usage forms for common use cases. James Vasile from legal is working with Brian on this.
  • Diego - Will work to organize an IRC Foundation meeting. Doodle link sent, waiting replies.
  • Diego - Taken over from Stormy. Will work with Gil Forcada from guifi.net and gnome-marketing to define the best way for organizations like guifi.net to participate in the GNOME community. Not many replies from the community. Diego will draft something more concrete and ask for comments.
  • Diego - Start discussion about how to improve how money is allocated for hackfests. Diego will send another iteration of it this next week. About to move it to the wiki for wider discussion
  • Germán - Put together a proposal for how to address board members who become inactive. Still pending.
  • Lucas - Work with Andreas for the donation ruler. Try to put $15k in the ruler in "yellow" ($10k for Canonical, $5k for Google) to indicate that these funds are matching. Waiting for Paul to get the general marketing message behind the ruler before publishing it. Paul was pinged on September 17th about it. http://www.gnome.org/friends/drive/. This was discussed at the Marketing Hackfest in October. Vinicius is working on it.

  • Lucas - Work to ensure that Foundation members sign the GNOME Code of Conduct, and make it a requirement that new Foundation members need to sign this. Lucas completed a draft currently under review. Started discussion on foundation list. Got a lot comments and feedback. Will summarize the discussion points in the next week.
  • Lucas & Alberto - Set up a Euro bank account. Still in progress. Lucas is checking if GNOME Hispano could help us with that.

  • Paul - Will provide an overview of hiring a sysadmin and the benefits that has for the overall GNOME community.
  • Rosanna - Research the GNOME Guidestar website and update if necessary. Rosanna sent an update about the status of Guidestar, but work is still needed. Need to find someone to keep the website up-to-date.
  • Srini - Ping John Palmieri for status about importing Paypal data into GnuCash. John Palmieri was pinged, but no response yet.

  • Srini - Send out the GUADEC call-for-hosts, and the next meeting with be an IRC meeting to discuss. This is done. Srini has the meeting logs, but these are not yet published in the wiki. Yet to format and upload and announce the meeting logs. Leaving this as an open action item until the logs are available.
  • Stormy - To propose a case study on how the improvements we made with bugzilla made a difference as input for the marketing materials for why the Foundation needs to hire a system administrator. Working with Max and waiting on him.
  • Stormy - Create a more public process for suggesting and deciding upon topics for future advisory board meetings. Conversations in progress.
  • Stormy - To schedule a meeting with companies that do consulting work with GNOME to start discussions on how we can help (how can we work together).
  • Vincent - Touch base with Matthew Garrett and with the GNOME community to determine how the GNOME Code of Conduct needs to be enhanced to reflect speakers. Ongoing. First draft available, need to push this.
  • Vincent - Update the blog and planet to highlight that people are expected to sign and follow the GNOME Code of Conduct. Waiting for end of thread on foundation-list.
  • Vincent - Follow-up with Intel to determine what to do about copyright assignment for clutter. Waiting for an official update from Intel.
  • Vincent - Will start discussion with the advisory board about co-locating in 2011 after the announcement. This is a topic for the next advisory board meeting in January, so discussion will be started a week before the meeting. Working with Behdad to setup a survey to start the discussion on foundation-list.
  • Vincent - Check records of organizations with existing contracts to use the GNOME trademark.
  • Vincent - Follow up with Michael Meeks and Bradley Kuhn to see if there is an interest in defining a policy the release team can follow to know whether a project with a copyright assignment requirement can be accepted or not. What sorts of copyright assignments are acceptable? A mail has already been sent to Bradley and Michael.
  • Vincent & Lucas - Determine how to announce the endorsement of Franklin Street Statement on Freedom and Network Services. This is blocking on a release team action that Lucas has ("push for a "web services" set of libraries") http://autonomo.us/2008/07/franklin-street-statement/

New Action Items

  • Diego - Will migrate the proposal for how hackfests are organized to the Wiki for more public review.
  • Diego - Will send an email to foundation-list announcing the date chosen.
  • Lucas - Will ping Paul for the 2009 Annual Report.
  • Lucas - Will ping Vinicius about doing the design.
  • Rosanna - Will check who received the 2008 Annual Report and send an email to board-list letting everybody know who received them.
  • Rosanna - Will send an email to Behdad describing the extra scripts that she needs.
  • Stormy - To follow up with the Advisory Board about acquiring a second machine.
  • Stormy - Follow up with the Advisory Board about acquiring a second machine.
  • Stormy - Will put together another revision of the goals proposal.
  • Vincent - Add the link to the Usability hackfest to the main page.

Discussed on board-list

  • Decision to have the next board meeting after the holidays, on January 7th at the normal time.
  • Organizing for the upcoming GNOME Usability, Marketing, and Accessibility hackfests.
  • Stormy received an invitation to Participate in FOSS 2010 Research Workshop, 10-12 Feb 2010, Newport Beach, CA. Stormy plans to attend and they will pay $550 of the travel costs.
  • Discussion about LiMo joining the GNOME advisory board in exchange for becoming a LiMo liaison partner.

  • Starting discussion with the KDE board about the possibility of co-locating a Desktop Summit in 2011.
  • Discussion about how to best thank Jeff Schroeder for donating a replacement server for container.gnome.org.
  • Discussion about improving the process for how hackfests are organized and planned.
  • Discussion about improving the trademark process so there is an official form to request making arrangements to sell GNOME-branded merchandise.
  • Discussion about proposing CEO goals for the next year and providing more information about Stormy's past goals and bonuses to the foundation-list.
  • Discussion about the proposed draft of the "GNOME Volunteer and Employee Handbook" that Brian compiled.
  • Discussion regarding preparing for a GNOME Foundation vote if one is called for.
  • Discussion about further reorganization of the live.gnome.org Foundation Private Wiki.
  • Coordinating providing money to a Google Summer of Code mentor for the GIMP project.
  • Further discussion with William L J Xu-Doeve regarding his evaluation of Evolution.
  • The GNOME.Asia team provided an Expense Report of Beijing GNOME Users Group from 2008-2009. The board suggested it be sent to the foundation-list so that other GNOME user's groups can be encouraged to do similar things, and this was done.
  • The board received a report that PURE is inappropriately using GNOME's logo, and is following up.
  • The board received a request from an individual who wants to register domain name "gnome.co.il" in Israel for site that has something in common with open source projects or the GNOME project. Instead it is planned to be a community site about crafting. The person was told that this is acceptable as long as their project has nothing to do with software, does not use the GNOME logo, does not suggest any endorsement from the GNOME project, and does not contain any information that might confuse users that it is related to the GNOME project.

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