Minutes for Meeting of May 27th

Next Meeting

June 10th, 2009


  • Luis
  • Lucas
  • Vincent
  • Brian
  • J5
  • Behdad
  • Stormy
  • Zana


  • Diego


  • gnucash file public: data needs scrubbing before going public; some discussion of CiviCRM recommendation
  • website: Lucas kept us up-to-date; new milestones are apparently being met.
  • GUADEC: making progress; extensive discussion of process for choosing next venue discussion. J5 to announce beginning of a timeline for call for locations.

Action Items

  • ACTION: Rosanna to send current process, gnucash file and downloaded spreadsheet from Paypal to J5
  • ACTION: J5 to see if he can automate getting the Paypal data into gnucash
  • ACTION: Behdad and J5 both expressed interest in figuring out how to scrub the gnucash file so we can make it pub
  • ACTION: J5 to put out an announcement about postponement of call for 2010 GUADEC locations

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