Minutes for Meeting of March 5th

Next Meeting

March 19, 2009


  • Lucas
  • Vincent
  • Brian
  • J5
  • Behdad
  • Diego
  • Stormy
  • Zana


  • Luis (I guess, since Lucas sent the minutes)


  • Annual report:
    • Still some content pending. Stormy offered help if needed.
    • ACTION: Lucas to work on it during next week
  • Membership Committee
    • Situation: lack of man power
    • Board election are now very close, need make sure we have people to make it happen
    • ACTION: Diego to ping Bruno to make a call for volunteers
    • ACTION: Vincent to blog about elections and invite people to run for the elections
  • Board election: preferential vote this year?
    • ACTION: Luis to start discussion on board list to get a final decision on this topic
  • New GNOME products on Hackerthreads
    • ACTION: Vincent to send e-mail confirming the new products with Hackerthreads
  • Travel committee bootstrapping
    • Suggested team: Zana, Emily Chen, Ross Burton, Chema, and German
    • Stormy suggests to create a mailing list for the travel committee and then announce it
    • ACTION: Diego to handle the creation of mailing list and then announce it
    • Some last minute organization issues have popped up
    • ACTION: Vincent to talk to Alberto and Claudia about what they think would be a good solution
  • Budget
    • Stormy says we need to cut at least 35k from 2009 budget
    • Need to get 2008 actuals to do better planning on where to cut expenses for 2009
    • ACTION: Zana to send gnucash to mailing list
    • ACTION: Stormy to have a look at the gnucash file and update 2009 budget based on more concrete number from last year

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