Minutes for Meeting of February 6, 2009

Next Meeting

February 20, 2009


  • Lucas
  • Vincent
  • Brian
  • J5
  • Behdad
  • Diego
  • Stormy
  • Zana


  • Luis (Trying to graduate)


  • Novell/Banshee/Amazon Affiliates. The GNOME Foundation now has an Amazon Affiliates account. We can have multiple labels associated with it for tracking reasons. It was pointed out that distributions can and might want to change the affiliates code in applications. Once Novell comes back with a proposal for Banshee we should widen the audience.
  • Elections: Done by membership committee. Need to wait for Bruno to be back from vacation. 1) Do we want to change the number of board seats? (General feeling was 7 was a good number.) 2) Good schedule? 3) Preferential voting? 4) Who will run? ACTION: Vincent to blog.
  • GUADEC: There is a meeting tomorrow afternoon at FOSDEM to discuss a few things. (Condo quote for Linux Foundation, break sponsor quote for Intel, party quote for Canonical)
  • Travel Committee: Send proposal to foundation-list. For the travel committee, it would be a good idea to have someone from membership committee. Please propose folks for the travel committee to Stormy.
  • GTK+ marketing proposal from Alberto. Making GTK more appealing to developers. To show what things could look like, he created a mockup for a new home page, http://www.gnome.org/~diegoe/stuff/gtkwebsite20.png Would like to set up agreements with universities to teach GTK+ related topics like Mozilla does. Push for Summer of Code for GTK releated projects.

  • Google Summer of Code. We want to participate. ACTION: Lucas will look for volunteers.

Old items

  • ACTION: finish up your annual report writings!

=> Behdad & Vincent are still late, will be done this weekend!

  • ACTION: Vincent to put out community call for 2009 activities.

=> not done, giving to Stormy

  • ACTION: J5 to send out 2008 finances and 2009 budget plan.

=> not done, will work on it next weekend

  • ACTION:Vincent send GTK+ theming hackfest notice to adboard

=> done

  • ACTION: Behdad: GTK+ sponsorship calls.

=> got confirmation on dates, will do now

  • ACTION: Stormy to invite Collabora and CodeThink to Adboard meeting

=> done, didn't hear back, will ping

  • ACTION: Vincent: To invite Olav and Owen to adboard meeting

=> done

  • ACTION: Vincent volunteered for GUADEC organizer if no one else, will talk to Alberto

=> done, Alberto will do

  • ACTION: Stormy to update legal document for GUADEC/Akademy co-locating

=> done, need board to ok

  • ACTION: Vincent will update two financial websites on www.gnome.org

=> done

  • ACTION: Stormy to put together a proposal for a group for distributions like Foresight, Debian, Fedora, openSuSE ...

=> not done, talking to folks at SCALE

  • ACTION: J5 to give us a financial update.

=> repeat, next weekend

  • ACTION: Lucas/Diego checking with Baris, if he wants to be on membership committee again.

=> Done, Baris says he's ok with backend work

  • ACTION: Diego to contact Bruno about a new call for volunteers and contact previous volunteers.

=> not done

  • ACTION: Stormy to open an Amazon Affiliates account for the GNOME Foundation.

=> done

  • ACTION: Vincent to provide Brian with list of events and locations for this year.

=> done

New action items

  • ACTION: Vincent to blog about elections.
  • ACTION: Alberto to send agreement document to KDE. (ACTION: Stormy to tell him.)
  • ACTION: Lucas will look for volunteers.

Discussed on board-list

  • Board approved Stormy's proposal for a 401K plan as long as James or his collegues read and approve documents
  • Friends of GNOME data (numbers of subscribers and money raised) can be made public.
  • GTK+ hackfests dates set
  • GNOME.Asia surplus will be held for them until GNOME.Asia 2009

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