Minutes for Meeting of Dec. 10, 2008

Next Meeting

Jan. 7, 2009


  • Luis
  • Lucas
  • Vincent
  • Brian
  • J5
  • Behdad
  • Diego
  • Stormy
  • Zana


Recurring Items

  • ad board meeting: Brian has tried to start some discussion on mailing lists; Stormy to send out some preparatory comments. Some discussion about how to make these meetings more effective.
  • GUADEC: discussion in preparation for organization meeting next week- sites for advisory board meeting, sponsorship/finances, etc. Team-based approach is going well; discussion going on in guadec-planning list.
  • GUADLAC: ACTION: Diego to follow up with tentative organizers.

Old items

  • insurance: Insurance policy is in place; some paperwork still in process. ACTION: Luis to discuss some waivers and CS state forms with WSGR; Stormy to discuss with James.

New items

  • annual report: Lucas working to distribute work better than last year. Getting bids from a variety of sources. Some discussion of quality of the printing and content.
  • Diego: yay!

Discussed on board-list

  • DVCS Survey: board helped revise text of survey to determine developer preferences between various DVCSs.
  • OSiM: approved loose relationship with OSiM as part of GNOME Mobile work.
  • development practices: wide-ranging discussion of innovation and the relationship between GNOME and distributors, in part as preparation for next ad board meeting.

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