Minutes for Meeting of Nov. 26, 2008

Next Meeting

Dec. 10


  • Behdad
  • Luis
  • J5
  • Vincent


  • Stormy
  • Zana


  • Lucas
  • Brian


  • Stormy's Performance: discussion of Stormy's performance and compensation in the first quarter of her employment. ACTION: J5 to discuss with Stormy
  • some discussion of meeting scheduling, minutes, etc. ACTION: use web scheduling tool to pick new meeting time via mailing list. Luis to move as much as possible of meeting minutes to public wiki.
  • t-shirts: use of logo is fine if they are non-profit; ACTION: Luis to write email explaining to requester; will continue to work on mark licensing in the spring.
  • GUADEC: discussed + approved reimbursement for GUADEC pre-planning travel expenses

Mailing List

  • budgeting and reimbursements: discussed and approved for Latin America tour and Libre Graphics Meeting
  • Advisory Board: planned and discussed ad board meeting of 11/12 on topic of GNOME 3.0
  • sponsorship: discussed a variety of potential new sponsors; Stormy continues to contact and work with them.
  • hackfest: discussed potential webkit, other hackfests

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