Minutes for Meeting of Oct. 1, 2008

Next Meeting

Oct. 15th (was rescheduled to the 22nd)


  • Lucas
  • Brian
  • Behdad
  • Stormy
  • J5


  • Luis
  • Jeff
  • Vincent
  • Zana


Old items

  • insurance: ACTION: Brian to talk to insurance agent about next action; Luis to continue review with SFLC.
  • stormy's annual goals and milestones: update on progress from John, Stormy; still working on formalizing.
  • financial report: http://ev.kde.org/reports/ev-quarterly-2008Q1-Q2.pdf - some discussion of whether or not that would be appropriate for us. ACTION: Vincent to publish to the web; Stormy to draft announce.

  • format for next adboard meeting around usability (and accessibility): we will work with ad board pre-meeting to help set agenda. ACTION: Vuntz to get stormy topic list by Monday; more topic refinement to occur on board list.

New items

  • Latin America Tour Sponsorship: Lucas to contact Zana to check if request is inside budget for this year. Request was approved by board.
  • Gift for outstanding contributors: Og contacted Board about giving a gift for to an contributor on the brazilian translation team. That brought the broader question of giving gifts to outstanding contributors. Send a FoG t-shirt to Og's refered contributor with a message from one of board members. This is a topic for further discussion on mailing list.
  • Ad board Usability meeting next week: Stormy suggests that we do a round with attendees to know what they expect and plan on usability for GNOME. Lucas suggests to have a person with experience in working with usability in GNOME community. Get someone (Vincent and/or Owen?) from the user experience hackfest to participate on the meeting and share with the adboard members what is being done there.

Recurring Items

  • GUADEC: everyone agrees is very important to have a board member responsible for coordinating the communication with the local organization. Behdad to contact some people to serve as our main contact person with GUADEC's organization. Board member yet to be chosen.
  • Friends of GNOME: Lucas to help Stormy on implementing the new FoG website.
  • hackfest: ACTION: vuntz to mail xan and tell him about goals (webkit integration in 2.26) and ask again about update on chpe/alp

Discussed on board-list

  • Travel commitee: Stormy proposed the creation of a travel committee for handling sponsor requests for GUADEC and other GNOME conferences. Stormy to work on a concrete proposal.

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