Minutes for Meeting of Sep. 17, 2009

Next Meeting


  • Luis
  • Vincent
  • Brian (late)
  • Behdad
  • Stormy
  • Zana


  • Jeff
  • Lucas
  • J5


Old items

  • insurance: ACTION: Brian to talk to insurance agent about next action; Luis to continue review with SFLC.
  • stormy goals: update on progress from John, Stormy; still working on formalizing.
  • financial report: http://ev.kde.org/reports/ev-quarterly-2008Q1-Q2.pdf - some discussion of whether or not that would be appropriate for us. ACTION: Vincent to publish to the web; Stormy to draft announce.

New items

  • new board member (related: new meeting time?): discussed on the list
  • format for next adboard meeting around usability (and accessibility): we will work with ad board pre-meeting to help set agenda. ACTION: Vuntz to get stormy topic list by Monday; more topic refinement to occur on board list.
  • budget: Stormy and J5 have begun planning for 2009 budget; tentative decision to make this a nine-month budget and move budgeting process to align with the Oct.-Sept. Fiscal Year.

Recurring Items

  • GUADEC: ongoing discussion on list; Stormy/J5 to seek more information on cost sharing.
  • GNOME.Asia: general, dave replacement? ACTION: discuss on mailing list
  • Friends of GNOME: Stormy moving forward on payment issues and on text for pages.
  • hackfest: ACTION: vuntz to mail xan and tell him about goals (webkit integration in 2.26) and ask him about chpe/alp again

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