Minutes for Meeting of July 23rd

Next Meeting


  • Luis
  • Lucas
  • Vincent
  • Brian
  • Behdad
  • Stormy
  • Zana


  • J5
  • Jeff



Old items

  • Zana wants to know if Baris is finished invoicing people

New items

  • Ad board topics: proposed topics: Aug. finances, Sept. GTK3, Oct. GNOME Mobile ACTION: Vincent to ask GTK team if Sept. works; ACTION: Stormy to notify ad board of schedule and discuss further topics; ACTION: Stormy to ask board list for contact information for GTK meeting.
  • mobile committee: Goal 1: summarize what GNOME Mobile needs, get back to us. ACTION: Stormy: ask proposed members about adding a fourth. ACTION: committee member to write press release.
  • update budget: ACTION: Vincent to tackle if time before J5 returns from Aruba; deadline is first ad board meeting.

Ongoing Items

  • GNOME.Asia: ACTION: Emily to reach out to translators; Brian, Emily, and Stormy to discuss budget for travel.
  • insurance: ongoing between insurance company, Bryan, and Stormy.

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