Minutes for Meeting of July 2nd, 2008

Next Meeting

Face-to-face meeting on July 7th at GUADEC.


  • Behdad
  • Lucas
  • Rosanna


  • Vincent


  • Luis
  • Brian
  • J5
  • Jeff


Given low participation, we casually chatted as we didn't have quorum.

  • Merchandise: Mugs arriving any hour now. We have the Green equation design for donor tshirts. Agreed to use a separate design for FSF store.
    • - ACTION: Behdad to find a suitable design or have our awesome designers do a new one.
  • Annual Report: Less than a hundred copies left. Jrb volunteered to have 50 of them transported to Istanbul. To be handed out at adboard meeting, foundation AGM, and generally being available at conference check in desk.
  • Next Annual Report: Lucas ok doing it again, but doesn't want to end up writing it alone. Will start contacting people with specific requests. Agreed that it's nice using LuLu, even if it's a bit more expensive than traditional publishing. We may want to order more and send them with donor gifts too.

    • - ACTION: Lucas to ask our photographers to get some print-quality photos during GUADEC.
  • GUADEC meetings: We have two board meetings, one advisory-board meeting, and foundation AGM during GUADEC. We need a small deck of slides to present at the latter two. Should have financial info as well as major projects we have been working on for the year.
    • - ACTION: J5 to prepare those slides. Check the ones Glynn did last year for example. - ACTION: Behdad to make sure conf-call details for adboard meeting are sent out.
  • Akademy+GUADEC 2009: Got some review on list. No bid looks to be technically ahead of others. Two common reasonings for one bid or the other have been: 1) GUADEC never has been to Finland before, 2) Canary Islands doesn't sell well to sponsors. Lucas suggested his own personal one: 3) Finland sucks :P. Anyway, we'll be meeting with KDE e.V. board on 9th lunch-time to decide. Casual chit-chat about how participant sponsorship should be moved to be handled by a board subcommittee instead of local organizers, and how making hobbyist registration free (to be in par with Akademy) may not be a huge problem if we get enough sponsors.

Discussed on board-list

  • Decided to have GNOME merchandise on FSF store. Behdad already talked to FSF and they are willing to do that.

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