Minutes/Agenda for Meeting of May 7th, 2008

Next Meeting

May 21th, time TBD


  • Lucas
  • Brian
  • J5
  • Vincent


  • Behdad


  • Jeff
  • Luis

Old Items

  • insurance: Brian wants to discuss gnome.asia inclusion and what to cut out.

    • ACTION: Luis to do a final check on the form contents. ACTION: Zana to fill in the forms and J5 to sign them. STATUS: John never got the forms from Brian (mail client problems), done by friday
  • foundation.gnome.org: ACTION: Jeff to wiki-fy foundation.gnome.org, with privacy on by default. STATUS: Jeff says it may happen this weekend.

  • system administrator: STATUS: Vincent to work with on getting funds for this ($25k needed, according to the current plan). STATUS: Vincent asks if we want to do both exec director and sysadmin at the same time. Will check fo rfunfs. andfeasibility.

  • Business developer: We have a old draft job description (see also FoundationBoardPrivate/ExecutiveDirector); may need to refine/redraft/update. ACTION: J5 to look at old announces and update. STATUS: J5 has a skeleton of job description, on the wiki. ACTION: everyone to check it out and flesh it out. STATUS: ongoing

  • Board Time Management: Board seems generally pleased with Tracks; ACTION: Luis to investigate sending out reminder emails for pending actions. STATUS: Luis has tried, but something is screwy on the server. Probably will not investigate again until after exams.

New items

  • Discussion of potential business developer/ED hire.

Ongoing Items

  • finances: STATUS: update soon from zana

  • GUADEC: STATUS: on track. update on mailing list.

  • a11y program:

    • ACTION: Lucas and Vincent to make more noise about it. STATUS: we've sent a word about the program to all students we couldn't mentor for GSoC. A11y team has weekly meetings to talk about this. Still possible to make more noise about it :-)

    • STTAUS: we should make more noise.
  • merchandise: STATUS: ongoing;

    • ACTION: Lucas to contact marketing-list. ACTION: Behdad to talk to Dave about jewelery agreement. ACTION: Lucas to work with Zana about mugs and subscriptions.
    STATUS: on track, going slowly.
  • Google Summer of Code 2008: Many people helping. Fresh blood in. Sandy, Ryan, ... rocking! Things are nicely under control of this distributed team. Community bonding period starting. STTAUS: mentors in contact with students, going fine. lucas to add students to plant.

  • GNOME.Asia: Agreed to give them $4k.

    • ACTION: Brian to send their sponsorship request to adboard. ACTION: Brian to contact them re the $4k.
  • Linux Foundation: STATUS: Behdad updated the board on meeting with Jim Zemlin of TLF; no formal change in our relationship with them of yet. ACTION: Board members to discuss this at LF Collaboration Summit.

  • GUADEC/Akademy: Let Akademy do their call-for-bid with the wording they want, GNOME do it with words we want, and a shared press release.

    • ACTION: Behdad to meet with Dave and Jim to work out LinuxFoundation commitment, if any. ACTION: Behdad to work with Dave getting the call and press release out.

  • GTK+ Hackfest: ACTION: Behdad to finish report and send to board.

  • Sponsorship bundles:

    • ACTION: Vincent to work on a proposal for the adboard meeting at GUADEC. STATUS: won't be done in April for time reasons.
    STATUS: no change.
  • Adboard meeting at GUADEC

    • vuntz: sponsorship, gpl v3
  • Hackfests

    • ACTION: vincent to contact local gorups for organizing hackfests ACTION: lucas to contact hackers about the topics
  • Accounts team
    • ACTION: vincent to ask around who can extend/develop mango to automate accounts creation
  • Machines from Google
    • STATUS: blockin on canonical on invoicing the taxes to GNOME Foundation.
  • Latin america
    • ACTOIN: vincent to contact izabel, diego and claudio about the Latin America tour.
  • Lucas: ACTION: Announce new affiliation.

  • Legal: STATUS: Luis is working with Wilson Sonsini on a new trademark policy. Need to update charter to 1.0; no progress on that.

  • Cooperation with KDE: STATUS: Vincent watching if there's interest for a cross-desktop hackfest. Luis has started discussion with the KDE eV board for cooperation on legal aspects.

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