Minutes for Meeting of Mar. 26th, 2008

Note on meeting of 3/12

Because of a variety of travel and other conflicts, no meeting was held on Mar. 12th.

Next Meeting

April 9th





Three coordinators of the GNOME.Asia Summit attending this meeting


GNOME.Asia Summit

Discussed on board-list

* GTK+ Hackfest went well. Behdad said that they might need the $5,000-6,000 originally allocated for the event from foundation money. The $20,000 that was raised paid for the venue and travels, but not hospitality and other on-the-spot charges.

* Lucas put together a proposal on how to boost Friends of GNOME. He has a new mug design, and a plan to allow people to pay money over time via PayPal. Some discussion about how to further promote Friends of GNOME by better advertising it on the websites, and talking with the marketing team about how to better market the program.

* Discussion about providing PayPal service for Libre Graphics Meeting under the same conditions as we provide for GIMP (i.e. 5% cut that goes to the Foundation)

* Lengthy discussion about Epiphany and Mozilla relations. The board and/or release team may need to provide some direction in terms of ensuring how the new Epiphany+WebKit will meet requirements to be included in future GNOME releases. The Epiphany team wants the board to do a press release, though there was some disagreement whether this was appropriate. The Epiphany team was asked to send an email to d-d-l or gtk-devel-list to explain their plans before a decision is made.

* Discussion about providing GNOME certification for non-GNOME programs that are approved for use with GNOME for programs like firefox and thunderbird.

* Zana provided administrative updates on finances.

* Agreement to pay customs/import tax for the machines that Google will give to GNOME.

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