Minutes for Meeting of Feb. 27, 2008

Next Meeting

Mar. 12, 2008


  • Lucas
  • Vincent
  • Brian
  • J5
  • Behdad
  • Jeff
  • Zana


  • Luis


Old items

  • insurance: board members have edited answers in the wiki. STATUS: Brian: some remaining questions to answer before we can submit to agent. Some hard questions: what events do we want to cover? We need to list them in advance. DECISION: discuss more and decide at next meeting.

  • foundation.gnome.org: ACTION: Jeff to wiki-fy foundation.gnome.org, with privacy on by default. STATUS: Jeff is experimenting with moin wiki farm configuration for some non-GNOME wikis, in order to implement it for GNOME wikis. Blocked by the results of those, so to not duplicate the work. Expects two weeks.

  • system administrator: STATUS: on hold b/c of lack of time; volunteers to refine the job description needed- contact Vincent Untz. STATUS: Owen sent a draft. First review from Brad Kuhn was positive. Vincent didn't have time to take a look yet (FOSDEM).

  • Mozilla PR: OWNERS: Vincent, Dave Neary STATUS: have a nearly good draft. Vincent needs to discuss with Chris Blizzard to finish it. Should be out one of these days.

  • Business developer: We have a old draft job description (see also FoundationBoardPrivate/ExecutiveDirector); may need to refine/redraft/update. ACTION: J5 to look at old announces and update. STATUS: No progress. John to look into it before next meeting.

  • merchandise: STATUS: ongoing; ACTION: Ping Dave about jewelery agreement. ACTION: Lucas to work updated mug design / order for Friends of GNOME. We have less than 10 left.

  • Board Time Management: Board seems generally pleased with Tracks; ACTION: Luis to investigate sending out reminder emails for pending actions. STATUS: no change; Luis has been swamped.

  • board roles: STATUS: Decided on new roles. ACTION: Behdad to send a note to membership about new roles. For the term of current board, board members will hold the following roles:

    • President/Chairman: Behdad Esfahbod
    • Vice-President/Vice-chairman: Lucas Rocha
    • Treasurer: John Pamieri
    • Secretary: Luis Villa
  • Linux Foundation: STATUS: Behdad updated the board on meeting with Jim Zemlin of TLF; no formal change in our relationship with them of yet. ACTION: Board members to discuss this at LF Collaboration Summit.

New items

  • GUADEC/aKademy: Positive response from KDE e.V. board so far. ACTION: Behdad to write joint call-for-bids.

  • Vincent also reported on discussion he and Lucas had with a Cornelius Schumacher of KDE e.V. board at FOSDEM. A range of possibilities for cooperation, mostly around organizational aspects of foundations, hackfests on freedesktop.org standards, that kind of stuff. ACTION: Vincent to contact Cornelius to follow up.
  • Google Summer of Code 2008: We want to participate. Need a new admin as the old admins are busy with board and other stuff. Given his GHOP experience, board will buy lots of ice-cream for Andre Klapper if he takes this on. ACTION: Lucas to send a kickoff message and call for volunteers.

  • Brazil sponsorship requests: ACTION: Vincent to contact Izabel to see if we can integrate Forum GNOME in the Latin America tour, which would mean a lower cost.

Ongoing Items

  • finances: Zana updates:

    • She is catching up with various payments.
    • Will invoice advisory board members soon.
    • The accountant has filed an extension for our FY2007 taxes (they were due February 15) as she did not want to file them before finishing the FY2005 taxes. She hopes to be done with that soon.
  • Berlin GTK+ Hackfest: Behdad updates:

    • Working on schedule still.
    • Local organization ongoing (power cords, projectors, ...).
    • Tshirts lagging a bit. Working on it.
  • GUADEC: Behdad updates:

    • Everything ready to announce, except that the website looks awful on ie6 :(. Baris looking into it, but we will announce it tonight anyway.
  • a11y program: press release finalized and released. Lucas and Vincent will get the tasks published for March 1st, and will fill the FAQ.

  • Summit: On hold until May, no change.

  • Budget: ACTION: Vincent to refine based on any adboard comments, and send to foundation members before next meeting.

  • Annual Report: Zana has the proof copy. ACTION: Zana to check it for quality. We will go on with mass ordering after that. ACTION: Lucas to prepare an estimate of how many to print.

Discussed on board-list since last meeting

  • FISL sponsorship: sponsorship of travel to FISL was discussed and approved.

  • projector: sponsorship of a projector for the European GNOME event box was discussed and approved.

  • a11y press release: drafts were discussed, vigorously debated, reworked with cooperation of partners, and approved.

  • Zana: Zana returned from her maternity leave; the board vigorously welcomes her back!

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