Minutes for Meeting of Jan. 30th, 2008

Next Meeting

Feb. 13th, 2008


  • Luis
  • Lucas
  • Brian
  • Behdad
  • J5


  • Vincent (regrets - in Paris for Solutions Linux)
  • Jeff (regrets - LCA)


Ongoing items

  • finances: updates on hold through Zana's maternity leave.

Old items

  • insurance: STATUS: Brian is collecting contact information from foundations-list; will contact a variety of agents for quotes and information.

  • foundation.gnome.org: ACTION: Jeff to wiki-fy foundation.gnome.org, with privacy on by default. STATUS: No change since last meeting.

  • board roles: STATUS: Vincent proposed definitions for board roles (president, v-p, etc.) on board-list. DEADLINE: to finish discussion about job definitions by Monday, 2/11. ACTION: Luis to answer question with SFLC/WSGR.

  • system administrator: STATUS: Vincent was working on it; job description is blocking on third party who had volunteered to help draft the description; nothing has changed since the last meeting here. Post-meeting: received sample job description, but still lacking time to move forward on this.

  • membership committee: STATUS: Lucas checked on the committee; one new account needed- ACTION: Behdad will investigate the account situation.

  • expectnation: GUADEC will use expectnation this year, and investigate free options for next year.

  • Mozilla: STATUS: Jeff was to write, but no progress. ACTION: Vincent is now looking at writing Mozilla announcement. Post-meeting: has spoken with Dave Neary, who is helping out.

New items

  • Business developer: what should we do? Should we hire a head hunter? Now? Wait? Old board members briefed new board members on last year's process; some discussion of cost of a head hunter. No firm decision at this time.

  • Legal: Luis gave a status update; he has received a bunch of (not time critical) stuff from WSGR; may have processed it enough to discuss by meeting time. Will also be meeting with SFLC to work on a privacy policy and take care of other miscellaneous issues.

  • Board Time Management: board wants to attach deadlines (for completion or progress updates) to all actions, so that when people get overwhelmed the board can check in and redistribute tasks on a timely basis. ACTION: Luis to give board access to Tracks so that we can experiment with web-based action tracking system.

  • merchandise: Hackerthreads t-shirts to be updated soon. Jewelry still not finalized; currently in Dave Neary's court.

  • goals: some discussion about big picture goals for the next year. ACTION: Lucas: start mailing list discussion about goals for the next 6-12 months.

Updates of Ongoing Items

  • GTK+ Hackfest: Sponsors have been invoiced, and local organizer and venue are in place.

  • GUADEC: Team expects to have site up by end of month. Keynotes are finalizing; CFP soon. Sponsorship and local organization ongoing.

  • a11y program: new sponsor on board; rules are close to being finalized. Plan to launch on V-day. Vincent pushing to get tasks lined up.

  • Summit: can't formally book location until May, but they are aware of our desire and our request has been made. Plan is to have it finalized and announced at GUADEC.

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