Foundation IRC Meetings

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Keep an eye on foundation-list for announces of meetings!

Agenda for the Wednesday, October 27th meeting, from 14:00 to 15:00 UTC

For Oct. 27th's meeting

  • Applications in GNOME
  • GNOME 3 Videos
  • GNOME event box for local user groups
  • Boston Summit plans
    • Hackfests worth checking out
  • GNOME 3 Goals
  • GNOME's new sysadmin
  • Women's Outreach Program
  • Google Summer of Code plans
  • Collaboration with the FSF
  • Help with the Friends of GNOME campaign
  • Ideas for a hackfest at the city of Largo, FL
  • Annual Budget/Report


What's this all about?

Foundation IRC meetings are just that, meetings held on #foundation in to discuss current matters related to the GNOME Foundation.

Can I join?

Any GNOME Foundation member or non member. As long as you contribute positively to the discussion you are welcome.

How does it work?

On the announced day and time (times rotate so every timezone can join once in a while) you just join the #foundation channel on and wait for the meeting to start.

The meeting is moderated by Board members that are present, they will guide the discussion through all the Agenda topics. Everyone can comment and speak at any time, just remember to be respectful and concise so it's easy for everyone to follow the discussion.

Tip: if you joined late, wait a few minutes to know what's being discussed currently, no need to say "sorry for being late", just pay the drinks afterwards ;)

I want to discuss this important topic!

Then just edit the Agenda and as time permits we will discuss that topic.

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