Proposed questions

Instructions before to submit a question

  1. Read existing questions and complete/rephrase them instead of just adding a new question.
  2. Each question should have an unique number (positive integer in the arab notation, for the sake of simplicity). If a question has subquestion, use a), b), etc.
  3. Don't change the number of a question, even if you delete a previous question.

Proposed questions

  1. For outgoing board members: What achievement can you point to during your term that you're proud of, and why?
  2. For outgoing board members: What can you point to in your own performance that you are unhappy with? Can you give details?
  3. Do you have any experience on management teams or boards at non-profits? If so, can you give an example of a change you affected in that role? If not, what makes you think that you will be a good board member? What single change do you want to affect during your term?
  4. Can you give an example of a time when you had trouble working with individuals in the community in the past? What were the circumstances, what did you do to resolve the situation, were you happy with the outcome?
  5. What level of transparency do you believe the board should have in its inner workings regarding the members? How much financial transparency should the foundation have? How much procedural and administrative transparency?
  6. Do you think we need to make the being a member of the Foundation feel more valuable, and how do you think we should do that? What would you change about the Foundation to make it more useful to members.
  7. Do you have any plans on how can the board help bring the GNOME platform and desktop in the top of opensource desktop and mobile application development?
  8. Bugzilla is very slow at times. How will you address this infrastructure problem?
  9. Many governments offer electronic services to citizens and companies that require the use of non-free software (like IE for web services, or the use of a bundled MS Access runtime database, etc.) My particular peeve is with the Canadian government, which is terrible for this. Do you plan any advocacy for getting governments to accept Gnome (and FOSS in general) users as first-class citizens?
  10. Can you describe a team project that you successfully started and led? How did you handle it when people thought something should be done a different way?
  11. Can you describe a time when someone promised you they'd do something and they didn't deliver on time? How did you handle it?
  12. One of the board's roles is to interact with the advisory board and the sponsoring companies. Do you have experience giving regular updates to management or outside people? Do you have experience asking for money or sponsors for an event? Can you describe those experiences?
  13. What part of being a board member do you think will be most difficult for you? How do you plan to compensate for that?
  14. Often life gets in the way of some of our responsibilities. In the past, have you signed up for something and then not had time to do it? How did you handle that situation?
  15. Are you happy with the Foundation's current budget? If not, how would you change it?
  16. Do you think the GNOME Foundation and the GNOME projects get enough representation at events? If not, how would you fix that?
  17. Do you think GNOME has a good relationship with the distributions? If not, how would you change it?
  18. Do you think GNOME has enough events (hackfests, GUADEC and local events)? If not, how would you get funding and volunteers to have more?
  19. If you are up for re-election, what have been the upsides/good things from your previous stint at the Board which you would like to see carried forward into this term ?
  20. If you are a new candidate, what specific SMART ( goals would you like to put for yourself ? Or, in other words, how would you like to measure yourself and, let others know how you are doing ?

  21. What are the specific areas of the Foundation's focus and strategy where you think you can contribute as a change agent ?
  22. It is the nature of Board(s) to be seen by the members as an "overlord" figure for strategy whereas the tactical aspect comes across from a number of voices - do you have any plans to address this situation ?
  23. What, in your view, are the top 5 requirements (from a strategic perspective) for the GNOME communities world-wide ?
  24. For you, what are the most important values in free software?

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