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I'm Diego, 21, from Lima - PerĂº. Some of you know me as a pesky bug triager, others as an even peskier (is that even a word?) patch submitter and others as a pesky almost spam mail source. I've been doing GNOME related stuff since 2006 although I really got more involved only in 2007, since then I've done code work for Epiphany and other modules, mostly fixes or small features (I did woohoo bar for Ephy! -firefox stole my idea, I swear). I'm deeply in love with GNOME as a project and community :-). Since December 2008 I've been serving in the Board replacing Jeff.

Why Board

I feel that my last months in the Board have let me understand how it works, I'm sure I have done a good job and that I can do it even better for the following period.

What did I do for this half period in the Board

Of course, the following wasn't made by me alone (those other six guys at the Board rock hard) but I feel this is were I was more involved:

  • Helped gather the annual user group reports and hand pick from the flood of pictures all around the web to go with such reports
  • Worked closely with Stormy to bootstrap the travel committee
  • Worked with Bruno to get the membership committee refreshed
  • Preparing a quickstart guide for new Board members (that you all new board members will receive)
  • Received feedback from various members about their areas of interest in GNOME and problems they had (luckily most of those got solved quickly, not always because of me obviously)

Why running again

Because I feel that I can do a better job now that I understand how Board works and because I have big enthusiasm for the stuff that we will see in the following months, I want to keep helping closely. Some stuff I would like to try to focus on now would be marketing in the 3.0 context, fundraising, keep working with the committees and a second edition of the GNOME LA Tour ;-).

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