Behdad Esfahbod


I've been serving on board for 2.5 years now and have been holding the title of President of the Foundation and Chairman of the board for the current term. Fortunately the experience is not as painful as it used to be, thanks to Stormy. I think we are in a very good shape on the organization side, but there's a storm coming (no pun), with all the GNOME 3 planning, messaging, marketing, etc. So I like to stay on board to help with it all.


I've been heavily involved in GNOME since about 2005. These days my hacking can be summarized as:

  • Keeping an eye on everything Unicode
  • Developing everything font and text related
  • Trying to keep GNOME lean

In more programmer-friendly terms, that means I (co-)maintain and develop on: fribidi, harfbuzz, fontconfig, cairo, pango, vte, and hack here and there further up the stack every once in a while.

On the non-hacking side, previously I served on the Accounts Team. More recently, I've chaired GUADEC program committee for the past couple of years. While on board this year, I've done (and if elected, plan to continue doing):

  • Hackfest / conference organization
  • Worked on the a11y outreach program
  • Making sure Stormy find the information / people she needs to get work done
  • Make sure decisions are made / things move forward

Cheers, behdad

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