GNOME Annual Report 2008


This is the workspace for the production of the GNOME Annual Report 2008. If you're interested in contributing to the report in any way, feel free to add your ideas in the Ideas section or just contact LucasRocha.


  • Coordination: LucasRocha

  • Design: To be defined

  • Editors: Looking for volunteers

General Instructions

  • The current report structure is just an initial idea. If you think this structure should be different, just place your suggestions in the Ideas section and we can discuss and adapt the report accordingly.

  • If you want to start working on any of the sections bellow, create the page, change the status (in this page) to Started and add your name to the Owner field.

  • It's not a problem to have more than one person working on the same section.
  • Status for each section can be Not started, Started, Finished, and Edited.

  • Please, add as many links/references/information sources as you can for each section

Table of contents


  1. Letter from the GNOME Foundation Executive Director (Status: Edited)

    • Owners: Stormy Peters

    • Summary: To be defined

    • Format: To be defined

    • Related Links

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A year in review

  1. GNOME in 2008 (Status: Edited)

    • Owners: VincentUntz

    • Summary: Overview of what happened and trends on the GNOME development front in 2008.

    • Format: Some notes about major happenings.

    • Related Links

      • Add here...
  2. 2008 in Distributions (Status: Discarded)

  3. GNOME Mobile (Status: Edited)

    • Owners: DaveNeary, Stormy Peters & PaulCooper

    • Summary: Summary of GNOME mobile happening in 2008.

    • Format: Notes about GNOME in major mobile projects and the first official release in 2.24.

    • Related Links

Events and Community initiatives

  1. GUADEC (Status: Discarded)

    • Owners: DavydMadeley

    • Summary: Wrap-up of GUADEC 2008 in Istanbul (Turkey)

    • Format: To be defined

    • Related Links

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  2. Interview with Willie Walker (Status: Done)

    • Owners: DaveNeary

    • Summary: Interview with Willie Walker

    • Format: Interview

    • Related Links

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  3. User Groups (Status: Finished)

    • Owners: DiegoEscalanteUrrelo

    • Summary: Summary of GNOME user groups activities around the world

    • Format: Introduction and then one section per user group

    • Related Links

Foundation development

  1. GNOME Foundation in 2008 (Status: Not started)

    • Owners: BehdadEsfahbod

    • Summary: About Stormy or a opinion article by Stormy (in case the foreword is written by someone else)

    • Format: To be defined

    • Related Links

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  2. Sponsored community activities (Status: Not started)

    • Owners: BehdadEsfahbod & VincentUntz

    • Summary: Summary of community activities sponsored by the GNOME Foundation in 2008

    • Format: Sections: "Sponsored community activities", "Advisory Board", "Finances", "Relatioships with other organizations", etc.

    • Related Links

      • To be honest, this section should be completely redundant with the rest of the report - if we include provisional accounts & budget, then it'll be in there how much we spent, and for everything we spent, we should get a report back from the attendee/organiser that we can include in the report

      • Add here...
  3. Finances (Status: Not started)

    • Owners: JohnPalmieri, Rosanna Yuen & Stormy Peters

    • Summary: Financial report and budget for 2009

    • Format: To be defined

    • Related Links

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  4. List of all 2008 donors (Status: Edited)


The idea is to have something like "Images of GNOME in 2008" spreaded out inside and between articles. The image descrition can overlap the image or maybe we could use the same aproach than last annual report which puts the captions in a different page. Add links to Images page.


Add your cool ideas here.

  • Maybe have a Gnome Accessibility Report.
  • GNOME events - GUADEC, GNOME Asia,, FOSDEM GNOME Developer Room
  • Here's a brain dump, based on all the stuff I (DaveNeary) have written about this year. I have articles or drafts on all this stuff (mostly available as CC BY-ND-NC now):

    • GNOME & KDE to co-locate conference

    • GNOME in the Google Summer of Code
    • GNOME Mobile Summit in Austin, TX during DAM
    • GNOME at LinuxTag (could be GNOME User Groups at Conferences - we've had a presence in SCALE, LinuxTag, Solutions Linux, JDLL, RMLL, FOSDEM, ...)

    • 10 cool new GNOME utilities (GNOME Do, Tasque, Hamster, Cheese, ...) - I blogged a list of these before the Summer

    • GUADEC Report
    • GNOME controversy during the year: Decadence, ...?
    • Clutter (and other cool GNOME platform technologies)
    • Update Distributions to Distributions & Devices and list what devices launched using GNOME technologies in 2008

      • Sun Ray
      • Nokia
    • Towards the end, tell people how they can help. I liked idea #10, tell donors how they can help. We could talk about how we have volunteers working on everything from usability to documentation to code as well as financial donations.

    • Is it worth having profiles of the board members with a nice photo and a name and what they do and so on? --DavydMadeley

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