GNOME Annual Report 2007


This is the workspace for the production of the GNOME Annual Report 2007. If you're interested in contributing to the report in any way, feel free to add your ideas in the Ideas section or just contact the Annual Report Team (see bellow).


  • Coordination: Lucas Rocha

  • Design: Andreas Nilsson

  • Editors: Paul Cutler and Stephanie Watson

General Instructions

  • The current report structure is just an initial idea. If you think this structure should be different, just place your suggestions in the Ideas section and we can discuss and adapt the report accordingly.

  • If you want to start working on any of the sections bellow, create the page, change the status (in this page) to Started and add your name to the Owner field.

  • It's not a problem to have more than one person working on the same section.
  • Status for each section can be Not started, Started, Finished, and Edited.

  • Please, add as many links/references/information sources as you can for each section

Table of contents


  1. IMAGE 1 (Full page) - See sketch here.

  2. GNOME's 10th anniversary (Status: Edited)

A year in review

  1. IMAGE 2 (Full page) - See sketch here.

  2. GNOME in 2007 (Status: Edited)

    • Owners: SayaminduDasgupta

    • Summary: Overview of what actually happened and trends on the GNOME development front in 2007.

    • Format: Some notes about major happenings.

    • Related Links

      • Add here...
  3. Words about GNOME in 2007 (Status: Edited)

    • Owners: LucasRocha

    • Summary: Opinions from core contributor about GNOME's achievements in 2007.

    • Format: Quotes from some core contributors about GNOME in 2007.

    • Related Links

      • Add here...
  4. IMAGE 3 (Full page) - See sketch here.

  5. 2007 in Distributions (Status: Edited)

Events and Community initiatives

  1. IMAGE 4 (Full page) - See sketch here.

  2. GUADEC (Status: Edited)

  3. IMAGE 5 (Full page) - See sketch here.

  4. GNOME and Students (Status: Edited)

    • Owners: LucasRocha

    • Summary: Overview of GNOME's participation on Google Summer of Code 2007 and the Google Highly Open Contest

    • Format: Notes about numbers, projects and people involved

    • Related Links

  5. IMAGE 6 (Full page) - See sketch here.

  6. User Groups (Status: Edited)

Foundation development

  1. IMAGE 7 (Full page) - See sketch here.

  2. GNOME Foundation in 2007 (Status: Edited)


The idea is to have something like "Images of GNOME in 2007" spreaded out inside and between articles (See IMAGE X in the ToC). The image descrition can overlap the image or maybe we could use the same aproach than last annual report which puts the captions in a different page. Here's a list of potential photos.






Boston Summit 2007



Add your cool ideas here.

  • GNOME Mobile update
  • GNOME people at conferences (probably not very interesting...)
  • A technology review of big initiatives around GNOME (What's new & cool - The Online Desktop! Pyro! Vala! GNOME Launch Box!)

  • GnomeCookbook

  • Summary of Friends of GNOME program (including a list of the people who donated)

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