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The GNOME Foundation Board of Directors promotes GNOME, a free software project. Information about board activities can be found on this page.

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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Chairman

    • Prepares an agenda and sends it 2 days before the board meeting
    • Makes sure that meeting details are available (phone number, asterisk server, etc.)
    • Leads the meeting, following the agenda, makes sure we don't get tied in knots.
    • This post is being held currently by Nuritzi Sanchez

  • Vice-Chairman

    • In the absence of the Chairman shall perform the duties of the Chairman.
    • This post is being held currently by Allan Day

  • Secretary

    • Takes minutes of board and advisory board meetings.
    • Publishes meeting minutes within a week or two of the meeting.
    • Takes note of actions and discussion since the preceding meeting (such as items discussed on the board mailing list) and ensures they are included in the meeting minutes.
    • Strives to keep information (such as process documentation) on the GNOME Foundation website and Wiki organized.
    • This post is being held currently by Cosimo Cecchi

  • Vice-Secretary

    • In the absence of the Secretary shall perform the duties of the Secretary.
    • This post is being held currently by Alexandre Franke

  • Treasurer

    • Monthly report to board on financial situation (cash, receivables, outstanding bills, expenditures, income)
    • Interact with accountant
    • This post is being held currently by Ekaterina Gerasimova

Coupled with the above, we have a set of roles within the board to allow us to know who is responsible as a point of contact for various items

  • Development

    • Primarily it's our contact with the Release Team
    • Also facilitation and help on request connecting either internal GNOME teams/people and external development collaboration projects like, desktop architects and so on.
  • Events

    • Contact with GUADEC, Boston Summit and any event with GNOME participation
    • Answering requests for funding actions / people in conferences.
  • Infrastructure

    • Contact with the Sysadmin/Infrastructure Team, servers ownership and anything related to hardware and hosting.
  • Legal

    • Contact with the Legal Team, copyrights and licensing.
    • Anything where a lawyer may help.
  • Marketing

    • Contact with the Marketing Team, budget for merchandising, campaigns.
  • Media

    • Contact with the current marketing-private, Press team and Press contact.
  • Relations

    • Contact with the GNOME ecosystem of free software organizations, companies, public sector, university...
    • Something like a Foreign Affairs Ministry.


Note to board members: this page is visible to the public. Please put private information in FoundationBoardPrivate.

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