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The GNOME Foundation Board of Directors promotes GNOME, a free software project. Information about board activities can be found on this page.

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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Chairman

    • Prepares an agenda and sends it 2 days before the board meeting
    • Makes sure that meeting details are available (phone number, asterisk server, etc.)
    • Leads the meeting, following the agenda, makes sure we don't get tied in knots.
    • This post is being held currently by Nuritzi Sanchez

  • Vice-Chairman

    • In the absence of the Chairman shall perform the duties of the Chairman.
    • This post is being held currently by Allan Day

  • Secretary

    • Takes minutes of board and advisory board meetings.
    • Publishes meeting minutes within a week or two of the meeting.
    • Takes note of actions and discussion since the preceding meeting (such as items discussed on the board mailing list) and ensures they are included in the meeting minutes.
    • Strives to keep information (such as process documentation) on the GNOME Foundation website and Wiki organized.
    • This post is being held currently by Cosimo Cecchi

  • Vice-Secretary

    • In the absence of the Secretary shall perform the duties of the Secretary.
    • This post is being held currently by Alexandre Franke

  • Treasurer

    • Monthly report to board on financial situation (cash, receivables, outstanding bills, expenditures, income)
    • Interact with accountant
    • This post is being held currently by Ekaterina Gerasimova

General Responsibilities

In addition to the above roles, all board members are required to:

  • Attend board meetings (currently 1 hour every week).
  • Attend the two days of in-person meetings prior to GUADEC.
  • Promptly respond to board-list, particularly votes that are held there.
  • Occasionally take on board tasks. These are typically small and often require you to liase with other individuals or organizations. However, sometimes they are larger in scope.
  • Don't block initiatives: don't volunteer to do tasks that you're incapable of doing. If you don't think you have time to complete a task, let the rest of the board know.
  • Represent the board when interacting with community members. If someone raises concerns or issues in your presence, respond appropriately. Consider whether it's an issue that needs to be brought to the rest of the board. Remember that you're an elected representative.
  • Keep confidential discussions private. This includes legal discussions or conversations with the Advisory Board.


Note to board members: this page is visible to the public. Please put private information in FoundationBoardPrivate.

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