GNOME Foundation Policy on Official GNOME Software

The GNOME Foundation recognises two types of software.

Official GNOME Software

Official GNOME software is defined by the Release Team, which is a committee of the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors. This official software includes the modules that make up the GNOME desktop, the GNOME application development platform and runtime, and a selection of core GNOME applications. The list of official GNOME software is contained in the following moduleset definitions:

Only official GNOME software is permitted to use the GNOME trademarks (either the logo or word "GNOME") to refer to itself, and to identify the developer as "GNOME".

Applications that are official GNOME software are encouraged to use the org.gnome.* prefix in their application IDs. Where possible, other applications should avoiding using this prefix.

Developers who contribute to official GNOME software can qualify for GNOME Foundation membership.

GNOME Circle

GNOME Circle is a separate category of software which is recognized and supported by the GNOME Foundation. Software projects which are included in GNOME Circle are not official GNOME software. As such, they cannot use the GNOME trademarks to identify themselves.

GNOME Circle member projects qualify for a range of benefits. Contributors qualify for GNOME Foundation membership. Projects also receive hosting benefits and promotion. It is intended that projects seeking membership of GNOME Circle are not already members of another non-profit fiscal sponsor organization.

The software projects and modules which make up GNOME Circle are determined by the GNOME Circle Committee, which operates the GNOME Circle initiative. GNOME Circle projects must:

  • Be licensed under an OSI-approved license
  • Use or extend the GNOME platform
  • Follow other requirements, including quality expectations, as set out by the GNOME Circle committee

This policy was approved by the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors on 22 June 2020.

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