Finance Committee

Current members:

Committee Charter

The following was approved by the Board of Directors on 10 February 2021.

The Finance Committee is a standing committee of the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors. It assists the board with monitoring and overseeing the finances of the foundation, including budget planning and financial policies.

Key responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Finance Committee include:

  • Preparing financial reports to the board
  • Regular review of the Foundation's finances, including spending, balances and actuals with regards to the budget
  • Assisting in the preparation of the annual budget
  • Providing periodic finance reports to the board

Committee composition

The Finance Committee consists of at least three and no more than five members, and must include the Treasurer, Executive Director and senior executive responsible for Finance, such as CFO, VP or Director of Finance or Operations

Committee members are to be appointed by the Board of Directors as set out in the Foundation bylaws.

The Finance Committee is chaired by the board treasurer.

Committee meetings

The Finance Committee determines the frequency with which it meets. This should be no less than quarterly.

Authorization and limitations of power

The Finance Committee has no power or authority to act on behalf of the full Board of Directors.

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