Executive Committee

Current members:

  • Neil McGovern (Executive Director)

  • Rob McQueen (President of the Board)

  • Thibault Martin (Chair of the Board)

Committee Charter

The following charter was passed by the board on 10 February 2021.

The Executive Committee is a standing committee of the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors. It performs oversight of the business and affairs of the GNOME Foundation, and exercises the powers of the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors between board meetings.

Key responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Executive Committee include:

  • Responding to urgent and time-sensitive situations as needed
  • Performing regular oversight of the business and affairs of the GNOME Foundation
  • Assisting in the planning and preparation of board agendas

The committee reports to the board at each full Board of Directors meeting.

Committee composition

The Executive Committee is composed of a minimum of three and no more than five members, including the President and Executive Director. Aside from the Executive Director, all members must be board directors.

Committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors as set out in the Foundation bylaws.

The Executive Committee is chaired by the board president.

Committee meetings

The Executive Committee determines the frequency with which it meets. This should be no less than monthly.

Authorization and limitations of power

The Executive Committee derives its powers and authority from the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors. As such, the committee is subject to full board decisions and cannot overrule the board.

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