Transparency report for September 2020 - GNOME Code of Conduct Committee

GNOME's Code of Conduct is our standard of behavior for participants in GNOME. This is the Code of Conduct Committee's periodic report of activities.


Since December 2019, the committee got a single, anonymous report that unfortunately is not actionable by the committee. We have taken no action on it.

Changes to GNOME's Code of Conduct

Since December 2019, there have been two changes to the Code of Conduct, as approved by the Foundation Board:

  • Separate out the Safety versus Comfort section and expand its explanatory text. We added an extra page outside the Code of Conduct called Supporting Diversity.

  • Integrate in-person and online events into the Scope section of the Code of Conduct. With this, the old Code of Conduct for Events got deprecated; now GNOME has a single CoC for everything.

GUADEC 2020 was the last conference to use the old Code of Conduct for Events; GNOME Onboard Africa Virtual and GNOME Asia are the first conferences to use the new unfied CoC.

Changes in the Code of Conduct Committee

The Board appointed Molly De Blanc into the CoC Committe as a replacement for Christel Dahlskjaer, whose period at the committee ended.

The current members of the CoC Committee are:

  • Federico Mena Quintero (chairperson and liaison to the Board)
  • Felipe Borges
  • Rosanna Yuen
  • Molly de Blanc

Easier ways to contact the CoC committee

We now have easier ways to contact the committee:

These go respectively to and

Thanks to the sysadmin team for their quick response on these.

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