GNOME Foundation

The GNOME Foundation is the non-profit organization behind the GNOME Project. It is a membership-based organization, and every GNOME contributor is entitled to be a member, giving them a voice in how the Foundation is run. The Foundation provides leadership, financial backing, logistical support and legal services to the GNOME community. It also acts as a meeting point for the project's partners.

More information on the GNOME Foundation can be found on its web pages, including: governance, legal and trademarks, membership and contact details.

Parts of the Foundation

  • Membership - every GNOME contributor is entitled to become a member

  • Board of Directors - responsible for governing the Foundation, elected annually by the membership

  • Advisory Board - fee-paying and non-fee-paying partners who regularly meet with the Board of Directors

  • Staff - the Foundation employs a small number of people, including an Executive Director, Director of Operations, and contractors
  • Committees - appointed by the board to do Foundation work (see /Committees for details about their powers and responsibilities):

    • Sponsorship - manages and assists with sponsorship of GNOME conferences and events

    • Membership and elections - processes membership applications, maintains the members list and conducts Foundation elections

    • Travel - allocates travel sponsorship funding


More resources can be found on the Board of Directors resources page.


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