Coming to the 2016 GNOME Summit in Montréal?

If you're coming to the BostonMontreal Summit 2016, make sure to add your name below. Please state dietary requirements, if any (ie: veggie, vegan, etc.).

If adding to the tentative list and your coming is dependent on travel sponsorship, please fill out the table specifying your needs by September 20.

Note: as of 2016, to be able to edit any wiki pages on the GNOME wiki, your username needs to get added to TrustedEditorGroup (spam prevention measure...). Feel free to email JeffFortin (nekohayo at gmail) if you'd like:

  • be added there and/or to the list of participants? Please specify if your coming is confirmed or tentative, if you have travel or diet restrictions, etc.
  • be added to TrustedEditorGroup? Make sure to mention your exact username!

Confirmed people, local

  1. Jeff Fortin
  2. Hubert Figuiere
  3. James Shubin (vegetarian)
  4. Alexandre Rosenfeld
  5. Subgraph (4 local people)
  6. Fabian "magicfab" Rodriguez
  7. Sandrine Marquis
  8. Youness Alaoui
  9. Guillaume Poirier-Morency
  10. Shivan Kaul
  11. Jessy Yameogo
  12. Marcio Andrei Pelegrini
  13. Ryan Weal (tentative)
  14. Constantin Masson
  15. Maudie Maude (?)

Confirmed people, international

  • None

Tentative (international)

  1. Christian Hergert (remotely)

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