Coming to Boston 2015 ?

If you're coming to the GNOME Summit 2015, make sure to add your name below. GNOME Summit is dedicated to a safe and friendly conference experience for everyone. By attending the event you agree to follow our code of conduct.

Please state dietary requirements, if any (ie: veggie, vegan, etc.).


  1. Walter Bender
  2. Colin Walters
  3. Christian Hergert
  4. Asher Martin (veggie)
  5. Matthias Clasen
  6. Christian Schaller
  7. Ray Strode (not exactly vegan, but put me down for vegan)
  8. Giovanni Campagna
  9. Alexander Larsson
  10. Owen Taylor
  11. Cosimo Cecchi
  12. Matthew Watson
  13. Marina Zhurakhinskaya
  14. Martin Abente


  1. Shaun McCance

  2. Andreas Nilsson
  3. Julita Inca
  4. Fabian Orcc├│n (paleo, but if not available, there's no problem)
  5. Juan Pablo Ugarte (need sponsorship for travel expenses)


  1. Jim Campbell

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