Coming to Boston 2014 ?

If you're coming to the GNOME Summit 2014, make sure to add your name below. GNOME Summit is dedicated to a safe and friendly conference experience for everyone. By attending the event you agree to follow our code of conduct.

Please state dietary requirements, if any (ie: veggie, vegan, etc.).


  1. AlexandreFranke (allergic to seafood, though most fish are ok)

  2. Matthias Clasen
  3. Marina Zhurakhinskaya

  4. Owen Taylor

  5. Michael Catanzaro

  6. Hashem Nasarat
  7. ChristianHergert

  8. Richard Stallman (Saturday)
  9. Robert Schroll (occasionally)
  10. JavierJardon

  11. Colin Walters
  12. RobTaylor (no lactose,gluten)

  13. James Thomas


  1. Elyse Voegeli
  2. Adam Jackson (Monday)
  3. RobinsonTryon

  4. Atinuke Diver

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