Summit 2014

When: Saturday, October 11-Monday, October 13 Where: MIT building E51, Cambridge, MA

GNOME Summit is a three-day hackfest for GNOME developers and contributors.

It is not primarily aimed at users or new contributors, but if you want to jump right into the deep end, it's a fantastic way to meet everyone and get involved. Unlike traditional conferences, the Boston Summit is all about getting developers together and getting things done. While there are some non-hacking sessions, they are geared heavily towards many-to-many, interactive discussion and planning, rather than one-to-many presentations.

Code of Conduct

GNOME Summit is dedicated to a safe and friendly conference experience for everyone. By attending the event you agree to follow our code of conduct.


Sponsor Red Hat

  • Red Hat will sponsor breakfasts! 9:30am each morning at the venue.

Sponsor Codethink

  • Codethink will sponsor a social event! Join us for pool, drinks, and appetizers at Flat Top Johnnny's 8-10pm on Saturday, October 11. 1 Kendall Sq, Cambridge, MA 02139


  • We have a confirmed reservation for MIT, building E51.
  • Rooms: E51-315, E51-325, E51-335, E51-345

Proposed Topics

  • Application development (Bundling, SDKs, Builder, sandboxing, kdbus, ...)
  • Wayland (porting completion, future possibilities, ...)
  • Privacy
  • GNOME Builder

  • Improving GNOME Continuous

  • What makes a core app? (Dictionary is a core app. Software is not?)
  • WebKitGTK 1 to 2 migration

Topics Listed at the Opening

  • GTK+ GL Branch review
  • Apps + Continuous / OSTreee
  • Geary Webkit Porting
  • GTK+ Version Compatibility
  • Board/OPW/CoC
  • GNOME Builder
  • Continuous maintenance
  • Performance and Memory Tracking
  • GStreamer troubleshooting
  • Wayland status


We'll start each day with breakfast at 9:30am and sessions at 10am sharp. The rooms are reserved until 6pm each day.


  • 10am - opening
  • 10:20am - current applications
  • 11:30am - E51-335 - Address from Richard Stallman
  • 1:30pm - future applications/sandboxing
  • 8pm - social event at Flat Top Johnnny's


  • 11am GNOME Builder demo
  • Wayland status
  • GTK+ GL review


Organization notes on promotion, breakfasts, and a social event were created based on the experience with this event.

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