Session Proposals for Boston Summit 2010

Suggest your own Boston Summit 2010 session, or nominate someone else!

I will run a session about...

  • GNOME 3 in 30 Seconds (videos) show/tell/discuss -- JasonClinton

  • litl OS - Some insights on how we use the GNOME platform to build the webbook OS at litl -- JohanBilien

  • Our browser story in GNOME 3.x -- XanLopez

  • Perhaps something about WebKit/JSC in the platform? What JS engine do we want to use in the long term? -- XanLopez

  • Opensource VS Proprietary marketing and promotion, The Pro's and Cons of both worlds -- TheOnlyJoey

  • PyGObject Introspection (PyGI) where we are at, where we need to go and hacking sessions -- JohnPalmieri

  • The last three months of GNOME 3.0 development. Feature freeze is Jan 31. What's left to do? -- OwenTaylor

  • Setting goals for GNOME. Why? How do we go about it. Initial brainstorming. -- OwenTaylor

  • Unity Architecture. No marketing or sales, but hopefully find more ways to work together. -- TedGould

  • GNOME Technologies sales presentation for hardware manufacturers and design houses. -- FredericMuller

I'd love to contribute to or participate in a session about...

  • BoF aobut Friends of GNOME subscribers campaign with LWN (which funds things like travel to Summit!) -- JasonClinton

  • BoF on Accessibility. I've got some eight or so students from Western New England College coming who have been working on Caribou OSK. We'll only be here on Saturday. HeidiEllis

  • Clutter 2.0 - or: if gtk4 is going to be like clutter, what will clutter2 look like? -- EmmanueleBassi

  • jhbuild best practices -- or: how to develop against a library stack with weekly deprecations -- JasonClinton

  • GNOME Release Process for Dummies: As a member of the Board, I'd really, really like to understand how our release process works, what doesn't, and what can the Board do to improve it? OgMaciel

  • GNOME Shell x others: Another "for dummies" session where I'd like to learn all there is to know about the shell, myths, and how it stacks up against other shells. OgMaciel

  • Anyone interested in localization? We could hold a mini session and talk about how to translate GNOME applications, etc. OgMaciel

  • GNOME Distribution Task Force: Something that came out of our last IRC session, how can we make it easier for distributions to use, collaborate and maintain our stack? OgMaciel


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