Accessibility Summit

Columbus Day Long Weekend (October 11-13) in Boston, MA, USA at the MIT Sloan.

Agenda - Work in Progress - To Be Solidified by Conference Attendees at Conference

This agenda is a work in progress and is currently acting as a scratch pad for idea exchange. Please send your comments to william dot walker at sun dot com. The times and contents need to be very fluid and flexible since we're still waiting on the GNOME Boston 2008 details to solidify.


By the time GNOME Boston 2008 rolls around, the [[|AT-SPI/D-Bus work] should be to the point where we can start hacking with it. Let's spend time getting the AT-SPI/D-Bus and assistive technology developers together to try to stitch things together and identify/resolve issues.

We should also strategize for how to how this work can integrate with KDE as well.

If the right people are there, this should be a great hackfest and probably one of the more important things we accomplish at the summit.


XEvIE is going to be kicked out of Xorg unless someone maintains it. What's the impact on GNOME a11y?

GDM Accessibility

The folks at RedHat have been working on accessibility for GDM and gnome-session. We're inviting them to come demonstrate their work and we should be prepared to give constructive feedback. They're working hard on doing the right thing -- let's help them get there!


The GOPA work is mixed. We've had some really good work, but other things are kind of stagnating. Let's do the following:

  • Get a brief update of where things are and a demo of the work that has been done to date
  • Brainstorm about ideas to move forward
    • Perhaps a new task to write/record/screencast demos of each of the a11y features of GNOME


Audio is in the hands of the distributions. There is little GNOME can do to fix broken ALSA/OSS/etc. drivers in the distributions. But, we should at least talk about the issues and try to get a better understanding of where things are broken, solutions people have come up with, and also perhaps an accessibility-specific testing plan for distributions to consider when testing audio.


Let's try to set up some time to invite the release teams from various distributions to join us and go over the accessibility-specific testing things they should take into consideration. This would be an awesome time to go over the new Distribution Testing Guide as well.

Alt Input Landscape

We need some thought on how alternative input will move forward and how things will integrate (e.g., GOK, OnBoard, MouseTweaks, MouseTrap, etc.)

Orca Braille

We've had a proposal to talk about improving the braille support in Orca, but nobody really is jumping on the task. If there is a strong desire to brainstorm about this, please let us know very soon.


  • Bryen has launched Planet A11y. We all need to start blogging more.

  • We can do a better job reaching out, let's brainstorm ideas.

Willie wants to dedicate his entire Monday to go over with someone else and make it more approachable, navigable, manageable, and up to date. One of things we should do is limit the amount of duplicated information, destroy outdated information, and link to new and updated information, such as the documentation work being done as part of GOPA. We also need to make and one page. The duplication is terrible.

Mono Accessibility

Folks at Novell have been working on making Mono's Windows.Forms implementation fully accessible via ATK and AT-SPI. The team would love to give a brief introduction, and a call for hackers and input for those interested. --[BradTaylor]

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