The Summit is over. It was awesome, and many thanks to everyone who participated. Read the summary and please correct any mistakes.

Accessibility Summit - Saturday, October 6th - Royal Sonesta Hotel

A one day GNOME accessibility team meeting at the Boston Summit 2007, to get us focused on goals for the coming year. Ideas for main outcomes will be proposals for a small handful of useful and achievable Summer of Code projects with identified mentors.

The 7th Annual GNOME Boston Summit will be held on Columbus Day Long Weekend (October 6-8) in Boston, MA, USA. The date of the Accessibility Summit is Saturday, October 6 with October 7 being held in case we need to meet longer. The reason for this is that the Mozilla Accessibility Day is the previous day, Friday, October 5.

Agenda - Work in Progress - To Be Solidified by Conference Attendees at Conference

This agenda is a work in progress and is currently acting as a scratch pad for idea exchange. Please send your comments to william dot walker at sun dot com. The most solid thing is the main schedule for GNOME Boston. We will all meet in the Parkview room of the Royal Sonesta Hotel between 8-9AM on Saturday morning.

Dreamers beware: the main goal of this summit will be to come away with proposals for a small handful of useful and achievable projects with real people associated with them.

Current state of GNOME Accessibility

Project Thoughts

The Boston2007/AccessibilitySummitIdeas page contains a more complete list of ideas. The below represent ones that are likely to be achievable and are viewed as being in very high need.

    • (+)Removing Bonobo dependency from AT-SPI completely (see also bug 16312)

    • (+)Supporting embedded/mobile platforms
    • (+)Exploring/integrating liblouis in GNOME for Orca, printing via OOo, etc. Also work on expanding and improving the number of translation tables for various locales.

    • (+) Migrate yelp to Gecko 1.9 (the accessible Gecko used by Firefox 3)
    • (+)Enabling accessibility and adding accessibility testing as a 'make' target (see also BuildBrigade)

    • (+)Increasing the number of tests in the Orca regression test suite

Mozilla Accessibility Day (Pre Summit Activity) - October 5th, Location WBGH

Please see Boston2007/AccessibilitySummit/Mozilla

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