Text Layout Summit - Saturday and Sunday, October 7, 8

We are hoping to bring together parties interested in text layout on FLOSS platforms.

  • We are hoping to stream the meeting on audio. Details will be made here when we have them. Join us on IRC on ##fonts on freenode.

audio currently off


  • We found another room in the Media Lab:

  • de Rothschild Room, Second floor (take the elevator, turn left, at the end of the hall)

  • Themes and goals include (with no particular order):

From Future Import



Pango/HarfBuzz hacking

Out of agenda, no ownership

Sessions have been moved to the no ownership section because no-one has taken ownership of them. They can still be part of the meeting if someone wants to bring them up at the time.

Summit Agenda Schedule

Note Bene: All sessions are 45 minutes long.

Day 0 Friday

  • Socializing and Early BOF discussions ...

Day 1 Saturday

Day 2 Sunday

Day 3 Monday

=== currently not slotted

Audio Casts

Both days are recorded and are available in 5 minute chunks (yuck!) here. Checkout talk start-times to map to audio files.


An IRC meeting in the channel ##fonts on FreeNode happened for Wed 27th September at 2100UTC.[DanielGlassey] Logs are available here: TextLayoutSummitPrepLog20060928

The followup meeting to work out scheduling details was held on Wed 4th October at 2100UTC. Log will be at /TextLayoutSummitPrepLog20061004.

I suggest we continue using this channel during the summit for remote participation. [NicolasSpalinger]

Mailing lists

Places where text layout is used

  • Menus and labels in any widget
  • text widgets
  • word processors
  • DTP apps
  • web browsers
  • printing

Practical details

  • Do we have a specific room?
  • Facilities of the room.
  • when do we have the room for?
  • whiteboard?
  • projector?
  • can we get a video and tripod for recording?
  • audio streaming?
  • audio recording if video doesn't work?



To Confirm

Remote Attendees



LiamQuin -- My only plea here is that we continue to move towards supporting the needs of graphic design professionals -- including support for open type layout features, for tracking IPR of fonts, for supporting glyph selection, etc etc...

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