Mobile, Handheld and Embedded Hackfest

A two-day hackfest for developers working on mobile, handheld and embedded platform/software, scheduled for October 5 and 6, the two days before the Boston Summit.

We have reserved room 135 (The "Cube Conference Room") on October 5th and 6th for up to 20 people at the MIT Media Lab. To get to room 135, enter the Media Lab though the main doors and go downstairs into the pit and walk through the Lego Lab in the corner. Go up the colorful stairs on the right, room 135 is at the top.

Join #gmae on for IRC shenanigans!


Launch Plans

  • Things we need for a great launch

  • Platform definition?
  • Webpage


  • What do we need?
    • requirements and commitments
  • What are we hacking on?
    • sqlitefs
    • HAL on embedded
    • Media handling (GStreamer)
    • Re-maintain GTK+ 2.6 with backported patched from 2.10?
  • GTK efficiency issues
  • Hardware suppliers

Technology integration

  • between GMAE and Desktop
  • Already lots of great stuff here that can be pushed out to Desktop
  • How to handle the resource gap between high end desktop and low end embedded device
  • sqlitefs?

Tell us you're coming

Also see the main summit participants page, as not everyone knew to put their name here.

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