All About Awesome Art Shit



Brand Book


  • Posters / printed media kit / cd design => GNOME traveling case

  • Templates - scribus, inkscape, OOo, SVG
  • CD of Assets
  • GNOME Font => Deja Vu

  • Assets tutorial - how to use assets
  • Who to talk to? => gnome-marketing-list redesign

  • style/content - global CSS
  • flexible for future redesign

Default Theme/look - working on common assets


  • Not a high impact, all distros brand. gdm,session splash, wallpaper, widget theme, icons.
  • Menu icon removal / button icon removal - unnecessary
  • Make branding easier
  • Provide baseline/foundation look for distros to start from
  • Icons - base set of assets
  • Panel <= quick win? Transparency/Subtle gradient. Problem with broken applets.

Nicer Default Wallpaper

===== Proposed Default Wallpapers ======

GDM Themes

Theme Sets

Andy's SVG Crack

  • use stylesheets to transform base set of assets to match brands
  • drive inkscape improvements to make this easier
  • HAL device icons


andyfitz-svg-crack-ducks.png andyfitz-svg-crack-computers.png

Communcation How to Handles Requests?

  • marketing-list will be central location

  • gnome-art-list
  • tango-list
  • gnome-theme-list
  • #gnome-art

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