Primary contact: Julita Inca Chiroque
Secondary contact: Martin Vuelta and Leyla Marcelo


Location and Date

The event is going to be held at Santa Maria beach on March 4th, 2017.


Prize people contributions since January 2017 to February 2017


We are going to accept 35 people:

8 people who fix bugs (4 GNOME - 4 FEDORA)

6 people with the best designers (3 GNOME- 3 FEDORA)

6 people who did translation  (3 GNOME - 3 FEDORA)

6 people who write a documentation (3 GNOME - 3 FEDORA)

6 people who present a Linux project related using arduino, raspberry (3 GNOME - 3 FEDORA)

3 people who use Linux in education (Can be Red Hat admin, Arduino, GNOME o FEDORA)

* All these people must prove their works by writing in posts or videos in English, showing code in git and sharing their work on social networks

* In case we have more than 35 works presented, we are going to choose by the following priorities:

1.- People who have closed more than 2 bugs

2.- People who have closed a very complex bug

3.- Innovation and Peruvian related designs with FEDORA and/or GNOME

4.- People who have do a very great post that relates git code, and pictures on it

5.- People who have worked before in FEDORA and GNOME events or projects.

All of them will be also prized with towels and squeeze bottle of GNOME and FEDORA at the beach




20 GNOME t-shirts = $136

20 GNOME towels = $60

20 bus to move people = $60

20 food ticket = $85

20 GNOME squeeze bottle =$60

5 globes that complete the GNOME word = $10

Bank transaction =$35

TOTAL = $446

* This event is Co-Sponsoring by FEDORA:

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