Libre Application Summit 2016


Welcome to the Libre Application Summit (LAS GNOME) project page. This page is meant to help the current team organize the event.

If you are interested in attending LAS GNOME, check out

When & where

From September 19th to September 23rd at the Eliot Center in Portland, Oregon, USA.

What happens at LAS GNOME?

LAS GNOME is a conference meant to encourage the growth of a vibrant Linux app ecosystem by empowering you to find resources and connect with others who are building the next generation of Linux apps. Presentations are given by software developers, business leaders and participants who are involved in Open Source, Free Software, and, of course, GNOME.

Help us organize LAS GNOME

IRC: #lasgnome at - the LAS GNOME chat channel.

Mailing list: las-gnome

Regular meetings held: Fridays at 16:00 UTC on

We keep our meeting notes for 2016 on etherpad:


Give us feedback from GUADEC attendees to improve future GUADECs:

1. LASGNOME/2016/CodeOfConduct

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