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GNOME is proud to be a member of the Google Code-In Contest 2011 (GCI)! The contest 2011 takes place from November 21, 2011 to January 16, 2012. AndreKlapper, DavidKing and JohannesSchmid take care of it for GNOME.

The GNOME project offers an easy to understand environment for your computer. Our project is centered around the GNOME desktop environment and the GNOME development platform:

  • the GNOME desktop environment is an intuitive and attractive desktop for users. It is composed of all the applications you need to run your computer, like a file manager, a browser, a mail client, etc.
  • the GNOME development platform is an extensive framework for building applications that integrate into the rest of the desktop.

GNOME is free software, which means that you (and everyone else!) can freely download, use, modify, and redistribute the source code.

Our homepage is at

Students: Getting Started

If you are looking for contest tasks, please visit the homepage of the contest. Tasks can be claimed when the contest starts. In order to only see GNOME's tasks enter "GNOME" in the text field below the "Organization" table column header.

Before choosing a task, make sure that you are familiar with the contest rules, regulations and terms of service. You can find all of these details and more on the official Google Code-In Contest page of Google. Please also read the Contest Official Rules and the Frequently Asked Questions pages.

In case you are looking for documentation, contact, or help in completing a GNOME task, please visit the FurtherInformation page for pointers to additional resources, plus Google's contest page for general information.

Also, please keep in mind the following two points which are common in software development when applying for a task:

  • Resolving a task often needs more than one iteration plus some comments and reviews what to improve, so it is better to ask for feedback early enough and not postpone it until the very last moment.
  • Also, your mentors try to be available and responsive as much as possible, but they also have private lifes (e.g. sometimes offline over weekends) and maybe different timezones.

For more info about contributing to GNOME, check out

GNOME Community: Getting Involved

You can help with our participation in this contest by becoming a mentor and adding tasks for students.

  • Please read the HowToWriteAGoodTask page first.

  • Register for GCI in general.

  • Please contact AndreKlapper, DavidKing and JohannesSchmid so they can invite you to become a GCI mentor for GNOME. (As per Nov 18th, mentorship requests are not implemented yet by Google, but planned.)

  • You will receive a confirmation email. Please confirm your mentorship.
  • After all this is done you can go ahead and suggest tasks yourself. They will be accepted by the admins in a timely manner. You can propose tasks at any time, but tasks will only be published and made available to students on November 21st and on December 16th.

  • Mentors have to accept/reject students that apply for a task. To do this, use the dropdown list below the comment field on a task.
  • Mentors also are expected to review the student's work after submission in a timely manner, as students can only claim one task at a time.

You can also subscribe to the gnome-love mailing list, where students are expected to ask questions. Replying to questions and helping guide the students is a valuable contribution to the success of this contest!

For your interest, here is the initial set of tasks for 2011. Please don't edit this page anymore, but rather add the tasks in the Google's system through the process specified above.

Older proposals from 2009 are here. GNOME tasks that were available in 2007 are here, for tasks of other participating organizations check Google's system.

If you want to help running the contest for GNOME you can subscribe to the soc-mentors mailing list.


If you need any help, please contact the gnome-love mailing list. All students are encouraged to subscribe to this list and help each other! There is also the #gnome-love IRC channel on, and for general (non-GNOME specific) talk there is the #gsoc IRC channel on

If you need to contact a GNOME administrator for Google Code-In, please contact the soc-mentors-list mailing list. It is a private mailing list where you can reach all the administrators. Please prefer sending a mail to the gnome-love mailing list for issues that are not private.

Information for Admins

Click here if you administer the GCI contest for GNOME.

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