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GNOME Developers from all across Europe get together to meet old friends, discuss new technologies and other GNOME related stuff at the FOSDEM conference, and especially in the crossdesktop devroom. As in recent years, GNOME is sharing a devroom with our fellow KDE, XFCE, … hackers during FOSDEM.


To help with the GNOME stand to promote GNOME and share goodies with people, or if you have any idea for the stand: /Stand.

Please let us know that you're coming: sign up on /Stand#attendees. It will help us organize things.

GNOME Beers on Saturday Evening

Please join us for our annual GNOME Beers at FOSDEM!

  • Where: A La Bécasse pub, Rue de Tabora 11 (map). It's 2 mins from The Grand Place

  • When: starts at 20:00 on Saturday

  • Why: We organize a GNOME event in a bar on Saturday evening. Like the previous years, it will happen at « A La Bécasse » where there is a great collection of Belgian beers, particularly lambic, gueuze, and kriek. There will be more details available at the GNOME booth.

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Is smoking allowed?

  • No, smoking is prohibited in the whole bar.

When can I arrive?

  • We have the first floor booked for us from 20:00 but you can arrive a bit earlier if you want to.

Where are you guys?

  • We have the whole first floor for us, the stairs are on the left when you enter into the bar.

Where are the beers?

  • To make things easier, beers have to be ordered and paid at the bar on the ground floor.

What should I drink?

  • I strongly suggest you to try the "Lambic Doux" and "Lambic Blanc" which you can find only in this bar! It's served in big jugs so you can order a big one for a bunch of people. Speaking of ordering, it would be nice to try to group orders as much as possible to make the life of the waiters easier.

Wow, these beers are awesome and now I'm drunk and hungry!

  • Don't panic, the bar is just in front of one the best french fries place of Brussels: Tabora.

How do I get back to my Hotel or the place where I'm staying after?

  • Fortunately the bar is right near the starting point of all the night bus in Brussels, called the Noctis network, these runs from 0.15 a.m to 3 a.m. For the lists of buses or a plan, see

  • Alternatively you can take a taxis, there are plenty in the center of Brussels so it's easy to find one.

Oh, I know "La Bécasse" it's like 2 minutes from the ULB!

  • No, it's not! There is two bar called "La Bécasse" in Brussels; the one where we'll be Saturday night is "A La Bécasse" in the city center, NOT the one close to the ULB/FOSDEM



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