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GNOME Developers from all across Europe get together to meet old friends, discuss new technologies and other GNOME related stuff at the FOSDEM Conference, and especially in the GNOME devroom. On Sunday, the devroom will be used as a joint GNOME, KDE and XFCE devroom to get together hackers of both communities on subject of interest to both groups.

Please let us know you're coming by adding your name to list below. Check the FOSDEM website for more information about the main conference.

  • When: February 6-7, 2010


All details about the GNOME devroom and the schedule are published on Brussels2010/Devroom.


To help with the GNOME stand to promote GNOME and share goodies with people, or if you have any idea for the stand: Brussels2010/Stand.


Please let us know that you're coming: sign up on Brussels2010/Attendees. It will help us organize things (should we do an event on Saturday evening, eg)



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