North American Events Box


You can request the box by contacting ChristerEdwards. You can also check out the /Schedule.


The box is a Pelican 1660, and weighs ~85 lbs when fully packed. Externally it is 31.5" x 22.9" x 19.0", and has foam padding on both top and bottom. (TODO: is this correct now?)

Inside the box are:

  • 2 19" LCD monitors
  • 1 AOpen miniPC
    • installed with F10 with GNOME defaults
    • 1Gb ram
  • 1 Cordless Desktop S510 (wireless keyboard & mouse)

    • 2 AA batteries for keyboard
    • 2 AAA batteries for mouse
  • 1 wireless router
  • 1 extension cord
  • 1 power strip
  • 1 plastic supply box with:
    • clear duct tape
    • push pins
    • pens
    • scotch tape
    • cubicle wall hooks and clips
  • 1 log book
  • 1 roll of stickers
  • 2 GNOME 'staff' shirts for the volunteers to keep
  • GNOME Foundation materials, including:
    • stack of GNOME Foundation pamphlets
    • cash box with key
    • sample mug
    • sample T-shirt
    • sample mouse pad


  • Consider bringing a personal laptop to hook up to the second LCD monitor and using it for demonstrations of "real" GNOME use scenarios

Restocking notes

  • Inventory the box
  • Add staff tshirts, stickers and handouts as necessary


The event box could use some tender loving care and someone to plan what it should be and get things set up.

There are a number of items we would like to have in the box:

  • Ethernet cable
  • GNOME 'staff' shirts - we need to design and order some
  • Stickers - we probably need to order more soon.
  • Buttons
  • Maybe shirts for signing people up for FoG or people donating more than $x on the spot? (Question - do we want people to be involved in handling money? There's a money box in the box...) Or maybe just tshirts that we sell at events like the GNOME France folks do at FOSDEM.
  • It should have demo CDs from GNOME partners. (Canonical, Novell and Fedora all offered some. We need to follow up.)
  • Runbook for a show explaining what volunteers should do + demo. Including a checklist that they can use to set up the table/booth and

prepare, etc. and what happens to the box after the event.

  • Shipping labels for returning the box.
  • Basic supplies needed @ every show (tape, scissors, ties to reclose box, etc.)
  • At least one system to demo GNOME and a CD or USB key with demo data. This is one of the things we're short on -- people like to see

systems in action, and a fresh install of any Linux distro is usually not sufficient with the default data.

  • GNOME Banner (Something that can hang from the table and be folded and shipped in the box.
  • 1 page flyers or handouts on What GNOME is

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